Welcome to Will Run for Pasta, I’m so glad you’re here!

A little about me…


My name is Sarah, I’m almost half way through my 30s, and I live near Portland, OR with my husband (we’ll call him Mr. Won’t Run) and our dog Koko.

I work a full-time day job doing office work and sales support. It’s a great job with great people and I’m thankful to have it but I’m still trying to figure out what my dream job is.

After getting married in 2005 it seemed that blogs were popping up everywhere so I jumped on Blogger in July 2006 and created one to keep friends and family updated on our new life. I like to dabble in the kitchen so in December 2009 I started a second blog for recipes. And then in July 2012 I rediscovered running and got back into working out so I started a fitness related blog. Even though these three blogs were connected it got a little overwhelming and I wanted a fresh start so Will Run for Pasta was born.

I don’t have one particular topic for this blog, it’s about all the things that make me ME. You’ll see what goes on in our Pacific Northwest life and the yummy food we find to eat. You’ll see the mess I make fun I have in the kitchen as I try new recipes and work on my baking and cooking skills. You’ll see my new interest in fitness and hear all about my love of the Tone It Up girls and my current Couch to 5K program helping me prepare for the Red Faced Runners 5k challenge.

A little about Mr. Won’t Run…


We met in October 2001 when I started working at a bakery and he was my Manager! He says he knew the day we met that we would marry but it took me a little longer to realize it. We “hung out” for over a year before I finally called it dating and couldn’t deny any longer that I was in love. We dated another couple of years and married in September 2005.

It’s not that he won’t run, but it’s not his first choice. My recent jump back into fitness seems to have encouraged him as well so I’m still holding out hope that we’ll turn into a running couple one day but until then we happily walk the nearby trails and like to hike when the Oregon weather allows it.

A little about Koko…


We brought her home in January 2011 and I don’t think she knows her name yet. Probably because it’s more of a prefix, typically followed by one of these depending on our mood:

Puff / Puff McGruff / Puffer / Puffer Nutter / Bean / Beaner / Banana / Jingo

Mr. Won’t Run had an Aussie when he was a kid and has always wanted another so when we rented a house that had a yard we decided it was time. I did some looking online and found that a litter of Aussie-mix puppies had been surrendered to Home At Last in The Dalles. There was one female and the puppies had just become available so we took the day off work and drove out to get her.

I have always liked dogs and had a couple different ones growing up (Star and Smokey) but my parents were responsible for taking care of them so this was a new adventure for me and I was a little nervous. I had no idea how fast and hard I would fall for this sweet girl and I can’t imagine our life without her! She has been great from the start, no whining at night, rarely barks at anything, picks up commands quickly, does great in the car, etc. Not being used to caring for a dog, I think God knew exactly what I could handle and she blesses our life every day.

Now I understand why people can’t stop talking about and sharing pictures of their dogs. And I understand how you could bake something and a dog hair ends up in it. It’s not because they’re on the counter helping you cream the butter and eggs, it’s just that it gets EVERYWHERE!

So that’s a little about us and I hope you’ll stick around because I’d love to get to know you too!

Leave a comment and let me know how you found me, I’m always curious!


  • Dad

    Hi Sarah, sorry to hear about your vacation cancelation. I’m sure there will be some great ones to come in your future.
    I’m not sure why, but I never took much of a look at your blog before. But your vacation cancelation appeared on facebook and it kind of led me to take a look at your blog. You have become a very good writer. You write very interestingly (I hope that’s a real word) and with a good sense of humor. You may remember that I tried to get you interested in writing. Starting with reading Nancy Drew books and then I bought you that word processor when I was in southern California, but then it was stolen when the house was broken into. You say you’re still looking for your dream job. I wonder if it could be something to do with writing. Or maybe Mr. Won’t Run will someday make it big in computers and then you could stay home and write a great novel. Well, just wanted to let you know I’m very happy and proud that you have developed a talent for writing and I hope it leads you to wonderful places.


    • Sarah

      Thanks Dad, glad you found the blog! So funny that you mention my writing, Karl has been saying the same thing and a few friends have commented on liking my writing style. I didn’t even know I had a style, I just write what I wanna write and I find it fun so who knows. I do remember the word processor and of course Nancy Drew, I loved those books!!

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