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Welcome to the 8th edition (in five and a half years) of WTF!

It’s a collection of random things I feel like sharing.

You’re welcome.

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It’s cozy food season!! What hare you cooking up this fall? I’ve got these on the menu for next week… obviously I need some actual cooking inspiration.

10.16.20 - Sukhi Curry10.16.20 - TJ Beef10.16.20 - TJ Pasta


Speaking of Trader Joe’s, I finally started shopping there again. Once covid got into full swing I stuck with just doing Fred Meyer pick-up, but after 165 days away, I finally braved TJ’s and it was so nice to be back. I don’t know what it is exactly about TJ’s, but I love shopping there. I’m really loving their current limited occupancy rules and kind of hope they continue it after covid but I know that’s just wishful thinking. We’ve never tried that Beef & Broccoli, but I love the Cacio e Pepe, might have to eat that tomorrow because apparently October 17th is National Pasta Day!


I decided that October would be witchy reads, so I started off with Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz. I only gave it two stars on Goodreads and don’t plan to read the rest of the trilogy. I loved the TV show, but the book was just meh, kind of surface level and jumpy, and took a turn at the end which just seemed unnecessary and left me wondering “wait, are they really even witches”. Stick with the show, you can stream it on Hulu.

Next up I was planning to read The Witching Hour by Anne Rice but I just haven’t been able to get started yet, I think because it’s HUGE! I got the paperback from the library and it’s 976 pages!! I’ve never read any of her stuff, and I’ve heard she can be very flowery/descriptive, so normally I’d go the audiobook route, but it’s 50 hours, haha! And it’s a trilogy so there are two more huge books after this one. I still want to read it but I doubt it’ll be this month. Have you read this or any other Anne Rice? Should I attempt it?

This one isn’t witchy, but I made an exception because I love this series!

Murder on Cold Street is book 5 of The Lady Sherlock Series which just came out on 10/6, and it’s been confirmed that there will be at least two more books, YAY! I’ve already finished the audiobook and enjoyed it just as much as the first four. If you like cozy mysteries, especially those set in 1800s London with female heroines that have a slow burn romance happening secondary to the mysteries, you should definitely give this series a try. Book 1 is A Study In Scarlet Women, and all the covers are gorgeous.


Are you watching? I haven’t been into competition shows since probably season three of American Idol, but for some reason I gave The Masked Singer a shot and have loved it since the first episode.

I’m terrible at guessing who is under the mask, and half the time it’s not even a professional singer, it could be an actor, a comedian, an NBA or NFL player, etc. I usually have no good guesses, and sometimes it’s someone I’ve never even heard of (like the person unmasked last night), but it’s still so much fun. I also love the judges and the way they banter. I think last season had the best unmasking ever, it was just so unexpected, and she sang “Baby Got Back”!

However! This season, I am 100% sure about the Snow Owls and the Sun! The moment they started singing it was so obvious; the Snow Owls are Amy Grant & Vince Gill, and the Sun is so clearly LeAnn Rimes! How do they not recognize her very recognizable voice?! I will be shocked if I’m wrong on either of these.

Here’s the Snow Owl’s first performance:

My initial thought when he first started singing was Garth, but then it definitely sounded more like Vince, and she didn’t sound like Trisha so it’s gotta be Amy. Karl didn’t think it sounded like her, but it’s been 29 years (OMG!) since “Baby, Baby” so her voice has matured. Their second performance is here, which just confirmed for me that it’s Vince & Amy.

Here’s the Sun’s first performance which is SO OBVIOUSLY LEANN RIMES:

Her second performance is here, and I feel like maybe she tried to cover her signature twang or vocal break or whatever it is, but it still comes out in a few places. I’m still all-in on LeAnn! And I’m pretty sure I could still sing every word of her Blue album from 1996.

What do you think? Am I crazy?

About my guesses, not in general, I already know that one is a yes.

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