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What the Friday!

Welcome to What The Friday! where I share things that made me say WTF this week.  In a good way.

Gilmore Girls!!

Its finally official and Logan will be back!!!  I’m so excited, must start re-watching ASAP!!!!  I also recently discovered Gilmore Guys which is a podcast with two dudes discussing the show and that sounds super fun.  They do episode by episode so I’ll start listening when we start re-watching.
Yes, I said we, Mr. Won’t Run is a fan too.  Of Lauren Graham.

Me Before You

This is a book by Jojo Moyes that I read with my little Brunch Book Club, although I didn’t actually get around to reading it when the club did.  We found out it was being made into a movie (6/3/16) so I finally read it and really liked it.  I had been warned about ugly crying so I was prepared and made it through with no tears, but they just released a trailer that I barely survived!!  I think seeing it in person is going to completely ruin me.  I should just schedule an appointment with a therapist now.

Whole 30 dinners

It’s funny, we started a round of Whole30 in January and were both over. it. by day 7.  We completed it last year and loved it (would recommend it to anyone), we learned a lot about food and how it affects us, but this year I think it just made us think “yeah, we know we should be eating this way most of the time so let’s just do that”.  Now that we’re not officially doing the program I seem to be cooking more Whole30 compliant meals than ever before!  If the term Whole30 scares you, just think of it as whole foods, nothing scary about that.  These two recipes were so tasty and will definitely be on rotation!

First up was the Chicken Chowder from the Whole30 Cookbook.  It calls for broccoli which I wasn’t thrilled about at first, thinking it would just be soggy, but you actually blend that up with the chicken stock and coconut milk and spices before adding chicken and sweet potatoes in, so you get the goodness of broccoli without it being mushy.  I didn’t think the broccoli flavor was strong at all, but if you’re not a fan you could probably try it with cauliflower instead.

020516 (1)

Then it was Vietnamese Lettuce Cups from the NomNomPaleo Cookbook, and you can find that recipe here.  Really easy and so delicious!  Mr. Won’t Run said “yeah, you can make this again, like tomorrow”.  PSA: that chili garlic sauce is good but HOT!

020516 (2)

New recipes I wanna stuff my face with

Dumpling Week – PDX

If you’re local, the Oregonian’s Dumpling Week starts tomorrow!!  From February 6th through February 13th, twelve amazing restaurants, serving up dumplings like you wouldn’t believe.  Print your dumpling passport to collect stickers and enter to win prizes, even though just eating the dumplings is prize enough!  See all the restaurants and their divine dumpling creations listed here – Salt & Straw even has one, a baked salted caramel apple dumpling with double fold vanilla ice cream.  WTF!

What WTF-worthy things did you discover this week?

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