Vacation Interruptus – New England in the Fall
(or not)

Vacation Interruptus… you know, that thing where you spend eight months saving and researching and planning an 11 day New England in the Fall vacation but then cancel it 30 hours before you’re supposed to leave.

Yeah, that.  I don’t recommend it.

We’re supposed to be in Boston right now enjoying our last day of road-tripping around New England, but we’re not.  Well, actually we’d be at the airport getting ready to leave, but we never left Portland.  Why not?  Because we’re responsible adults thinking about our long-term future.


You see, Mr. Won’t Run is self-employed.  He’s one of those techy computer guys, very good at what he does (I don’t understand most of it), and a new client approached him with a big job that he needed done ASAP.  Turns out he was willing to pay the cancelling-our-vacation-for-you rate and we couldn’t turn it down.

Not that money is everything, but this client means guaranteed future work and when you’re self-employed you just can’t say no to jobs like that.  We discussed it and both agreed it was the right decision, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been a little mopey ever since.  After spending so much time researching and planning, it was a painful choice.

Yes, I do realize that in the grand scheme of life it’s not that big of a deal, and lots of people are having to make choices way more painful than cancelling a vacation, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s disappointing for us.

We’ve been married just over 9 years and have never taken a real vacation just the two of us, it’s always just been road-trips to WA or CA to see family, and even our honeymoon was just a few days at the Oregon Coast which was nice but low-key.  I think we were both looking forward to a change of pace and scenery and a fun new adventure together.

When we first started planning, I subscribed to a bunch of different sites for email updates and started following a bunch of Instagram accounts, but I’ve had to unfollow because they’re posting terrible crap like this:


IMG_9537  IMG_9538  IMG_9542IMG_9550  IMG_9543
IMG_9541  IMG_9539  IMG_9540

Awful, right?  Totally disgusting.

I still took a few days off work to wallow and I wound up cleaning, purging, and organizing our little apartment.  I was starting to feel overwhelmed by junk so it felt good to get some Fall cleaning done and it helped take my mind off the things we would have been doing on vacation.  That’s the problem with having it all planned out, I knew exactly what we would have been doing each day.  Thankfully today is the day we were coming back so I won’t be able to torture myself with vacation-imagination any longer.

So where does that leave us?

Well, we’d still like to take a big vacation, and we still have the majority of our vacation fund, so we’re thinking we might reschedule New England for Fall of 2015, or we might just keep saving and do something bigger out of the country like Australia or New Zealand.  If you’ve been to either of those places, please hit me with your travel advice!

Or who knows, we might blow it on a new treadmill and a Sleep Number bed.  You can hit me with your advice on those as well.

Have you ever had to cancel a vacation at the last minute?


Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30-something wife, doggy-mama, beginner runner (still), wannabe cook, and 9-5 cubicle farm worker, just trying to enjoy life in beautiful Portland, OR!

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  1. So sorry to hear that you had to cancel your trip 🙁

    1. Thanks Lindsay, super sad but maybe next year!

  2. Amber says:

    DON’T Blow it on a new bed/treadmill! Go, do, explore!! Plan another adventure.

    1. I know you’re right Amber, planning another adventure is at the top of our list, but we may borrow a little for the treadmill so we can get in better shape for an adventure, haha!

  3. Aw man…I’m so sorry for the last minute cancellation! That’s a major bummer and I’m moping a little bit for you guys, too. I definitely think you guys should save the money for your dream vacation! But I don’t know what your dream vacation is. If it’s New England in the Fall, then wait it out until next year and make it even dreamier! Come up with something extra to add to your trip to have even more to look forward to. And…maybe use a little bit of it now as comfort money – a little chocolate, a new book, a few fall drinks, and maybe a cocktail or two. 😉

    1. Such a bummer, but we’re going to keep saving and see what else we can come up with! And yes, we gifted ourselves a little bit of it to blow on whatever we wanted, I put mine towards some new jeans so that was fun 🙂

  4. christi in ma says:

    I’m so sorry that you didn’t get to come this year. I had started stalking your IG account looking for phots.
    But there is always next year!
    It is hard to be a grown-up though and go with the job not the fun.

    1. Thanks Christi, it’s definitely still a trip we want to take so maybe next year!

  5. Boo 🙁 I’m sorry you missed out on your vacation – but it is hard to turn down a job like that I bet!
    Hope you get to go someplace soon!

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