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Title Nine’s 2015 Fit Fest + Giveaway

This is a sponsored post.  I was invited to a media event which included some fun gifts, including a free bra for me and a free bra for one of my readers who enter the giveaway.  All opinions are my own.  If I didn’t love it and think you would to then I wouldn’t be blogging about it.
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I’m pretty sure 99% of my readers are ladies, so if you’re a man, I apologize for this.  Actually, I don’t, because you probably know a lady or two and this post could be enlightening for you and worth sharing with them.

First, let’s get the middle school giggles out of our system: boobs, boobies, melons, jugs, tatas, hooters, globes, airbags, funbags, sweater stretchers, bee stings, laverne & shirley, etc. etc. etc.

Whatever you call them, and as great as they are, they’re pretty darn hard to shop for!  They come in various shapes and sizes, various degrees of symmetry (the big one, the little one), and it can be so difficult to find the perfect bra that meets the elusive trifecta of comfort, coverage, and support.  Most women are also wearing the wrong size and don’t even realize it.  I was a 34B in college and continued buying that size for years until I finally got fitted at Victoria’s Secret and the results came back as 36DD.  DD!  Say what???  I was shocked, but my bras definitely fit better these days.


To add to the drama of finding good bras for everyday wear, the search for the perfect sports bra can be even harder.  Most exercising contains some level of bouncing, or if you’re into yoga/pilates it can contain some body angles that don’t work well when you figure in “the girls” and gravity.  Both of those could deter you from exercising and that’s no good, so the right sports bra makes a world of difference.

Title Nine understands that and wants to help you out!  Started in 1989, this California-based company focuses on “clothes that move for women on the move” and they’re all about form, function, and fun.  After hanging out with the crew at the Portland store last night, I can absolutely confirm that!



FitFest 2015 is happening this spring and summer at locations across the country and includes:

  • Personalized bra fitting advice from a “bravangelist” expert
  • An expanded assortment of bras
  • Bras for sports, work-to-workout, everyday and date night
  • A “Bounce-ath-a-lon” for those who want to put TitleNine’s bras to the test, with stations like hula hoop, jump rope, cup stacking, run around the block, hippity hop ball & burpees

This event is devoted to helping athletes of all levels/shapes/sizes find the perfect sports bra.  One size does NOT fit all, and their Bravangelists are hardcore about making sure you find one that meets your needs.  They know their product, so just give them a size to start with and let them bring you ALL THE BRAS, but be prepared to sweat because trying on sports bras is a workout!  Those suckers are tight, but that’s the whole point.


The gal who helped me was Jamie and she was so great! (She’s also an illustrator, you can check her out here!)  She knew exactly how things should fit and whether or not I should change band size or cup size and which brands/models would work best with my lopsided shape.  You get to know your Bravangelist pretty well, by the end I was just letting her hook my in and out of them because my arms were tired.  Like I said, it’s a workout.  Or I’m just really out of shape which is more likely.

FitFest 2015 is coming to Oregon in June:

June 3-4, 10am- 8pm
Title Nine Portland
1335 NW Kearney Street, Portland

June 10-11, 10am-8pm
Title Nine Eugene
296 East 5th Ave. #229, Eugene

Anyone interested in participating should RSVP at the local Title Nine Retail Location.

Not in Oregon?  No problem, check out for a full list of cities and more information.

Here’s the one I ended up with, it’s the Fits-To-A-T by Moving Comfort in Celery Jaquard, I love it!  It’s so comfortable and the straps use velcro to adjust which is genius and works better than you might think.  For some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to post a bra selfie, so I threw my tank over it and I was cool with that.  Even though there’s not much difference in how much of my body I’m showing you, haha! #weirdo

“A pullover style bra with the support of a racer back. It has a clasp in the back so we can dial in the fit. It has hardware-free straps that are adjustable from the front. It has seam-free cups. No wonder it fits to a T. Wide, channeled elastic chest band supports our girls when they’re on the rebound. Bonus: we can actually remove this bra after a workout without calling for reinforcements. Mesh back inserts. Wicking poly/spandex. By Moving Comfort. 32-38 B-DD”

My second favorite was the Booby Trap, also by Moving Comfort.  The one I got retails for $50 and the Booby Trap for $54.  That seems to be a fairly standard price for higher quality sports bras these days.  It’s definitely more than the $15-20 I would usually spend at Target, but you do have to consider that you’re getting what you pay for.  I am very impressed with the quality and I see it holding up (haha–holding up) a lot longer than my cheaper ones.  Just FYI, I noticed on their site that they’re doing free shipping on orders over $50 through 6/21!


Before last night, my only experience with Title Nine was drooling over their catalog, but I had never been in a store and didn’t know much about the company.  Now that I’ve experienced them I’ll definitely be back, and I’ve learned some cool things about them:

  • They’re fun and don’t take themselves too seriously – check out their fun facts and stats.
  • They’re evangelical about women’s participation in sports and fitness activities – that’s what their namesake, Title IX, is all about.
  • They’re earth-conscious and serious about sustainability.
  • They’re involved in their community and generous – check out Starting Block, Bra Brigade, Poster Girls, and Lift Certificate!
  • Their models are “ordinary women capable of extraordinary things” and represent competence, confidence, and joy.  Think you’ve got what it takes to model for them?  Let them know!  No giant wings or diamond studded DDs involved!

Check them out on social media to find out more:



Now for the fun part!!  I don’t do many of these but I couldn’t pass this one up!  Enter now through June 1st and the winner will be announced and contacted on June 2nd.  How to enter?  I’m not good with giveaway widgets so we’re going sweet and simple, you can do one or both of these:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite way to burn calories!  Or your funniest stuck-in-a-sports-bra story 😉
  2. Tweet this and then leave a  comment here letting me know you tweeted it (you know, just in case there’s a Twit glitch and I don’t get notified over there):
    [bctt tweet=”Need the perfect sports bra? Enter to win a #T9FitFest fitting + bra from @TitleNine + @WillRunforPasta” via=”no”]
The Fine Print: The giveaway is open to anyone in the US and will include a personalized fitting (either in-store or by-phone, depending on location) and one bra.  A winner within driving distance of a Title Nine store will be asked to redeem their prize at the closest/preferred retail location.  A winner NOT near a Title Nine Store, will be sent a certificate to redeem with the call center.


Congratulations to Tenacious Little Terrier!!  You guys, check out this adorable Portland pooch, he’s so cute, and if he can hike Angel’s Rest then I can too!  Right?

Mr. N, tell your human that I’ll be sending them an email shortly!

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On a personal note… although you already know my bra size so I’m not sure how much more personal we can get… events like this are a little difficult for me since I tend to be quiet and reserved, especially in larger group settings.  The stronger personalities overwhelm me (I love them though!) and it’s hard for me to jump in, but I think I did pretty well.  I knew there would be a few people I knew, but I’m still proud of myself for showing up alone, approaching new people, chatting them up, and making new friends – maybe even breast friends.

A lot of these ladies are doing giveaways too, up your chances of winning by entering with them as well!

(If I forgot you, let me know!)

Sorry I’m so wordy, thanks for sticking with me 🙂

Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30-something wife, doggy-mama, beginner runner (still), wannabe cook, and 9-5 cubicle farm worker, just trying to enjoy life in beautiful Portland, OR!


  • Carrie

    I can’t believe you were so far off on your size! I probably need an evaluation myself.

    My fave way to burn calories is taking Zumba classes and doing BodyRock videos. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to a Zumba class in a while.

  • Danielle

    I remember having a similar experience the first time I was officially fitted for a bra. Boy, had I been off! Your new bra is super cute, I may actually have to attend this event. The state of my sports bras is a sad one, indeed. I have been doing lots of yoga recently and the compromising positions really take their toll on my “funbags” (<– best euphemism EVER). Thanks for all the great info, cheers!

    • Sarah

      Definitely check it out if you can, although if you don’t make it to the event I’m sure they’d be helpful anytime in the store! I love yoga, but yeah, gravity + funbags doesn’t always work out well, LOL!!

  • Danielle

    Um, okay, totally forgot to enter the giveaway, sheesh! I have tweeted the good tweet and my favorite way to burn calories is yoga with Adriene because she is the sweetest and doesn’t make me feel judged for constantly gasping for breath and having poor posture, haha 🙂

  • Christina

    I love the velcro idea and the added back clasp for adjustment, that sounds super comfy and awesome! I’m sad though because neither one you liked goes up high enough for my cup needs, they recommend going up a size and I’m already an F… so I can’t even go try them for myself. =(
    More options for bigger cups please Title Nine!

    • christi in ma

      Title Nine was where I found the only sports bra I can run in – the Last Resort! They are ugly and matronly but there is no bounce at all. For the commenter, Christine, check out that bra – it’s homely but you’ll fit in it as an F. I’m a G and wear the #3/Medium size.

      I was stuck trying to put on my sports bra yesterday! I had it upside down. Geesh.
      I love spin and StrongLifts now.

      Title Nine had a tent sale in the Boston area about 5 years ago and I scored some great deals. It was fun to shop their stuff in person. I hope they expand to the East Coast.

      • Sarah

        Thanks for the feedback for Christina, that’s great info! Oooh, spin class, I did that once and puked, haha, maybe I should give it another shot!

    • Sarah

      That’s great feedback for them, thanks Christina! I believe they do have some F sizes but not quite as many, I’d still suggest getting fitted sometime if you can. Even though I had my size per Victoria’s Secret, they said that’s a good place to start but it won’t always translate into exactly the same size for a sports bra but it gives them a place to start. 🙂

  • Pech

    Adjustable straps, sooo smart! Most of my workouts are zumba and a few strength training with weights in a class, though I also used to do a step class at a previous gym. Really it’s the zumba that really needs the support with some of the chest pumps that we do as we dancing to the left and to the right… There have definitely been times I’ve gotten stuck in my bra and had my arm twisting wildy like a chicken with a broken wing. The worst though is when I didn’t realize that my struggle had popped one of my earrings out (even though it had a back) and I never found it, and it was a gift from my mom with a ruby, so sad :’ (

    • Sarah

      Yes, I’m loving these straps, the velcro is genius! Zumba sounds so fun but my hips have no idea what rhythm is, haha! So sad about your earring, especially since it was so special 🙁 I lost one half of my favorite pair thanks to a chunky knit scarf this winter, still mourning it!

  • Marlynn @UrbanBlissLife

    Ahh I wish I could have gone that night — sounds like fun, with awesome people (like you!), AND I’d probably discover just how off I am on my own bra size. 😉 My fave way to burn calories is home workouts like P90x3 and T25. I also like going for weekend hikes with a small group of my closes girlfriends.

  • Stacee T

    My favorite ways (yes plural) to workout or burn calories are: dancing, yoga/Pilates, swimming or really anything where I’m working out hard, but don’t realize it until later (like a good hike or something). 🙂

    • Sarah

      That variety sounds awesome, and yes, I love it when I don’t even realize I’m getting a workout until I wake up sore the next day, haha! #accidentalexercise

  • Suzy Glaze

    The only way I can lose weight is by running, dancing and Zumba for 45 mins-1.5 hrs.
    Anything else tones me but does not allow me to lose weight.

    • Sarah

      Another Zumba fan!! It’s so interesting how there’s no one-size-fits-all exercise or diet. Sounds like you’ve found what works for you which is great!

  • Nicole

    My new favorite way to burn calories is laughing at the antics of my new Catahoula Leopard dog, Dau. Makes my abs burn more than planks!

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