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Tired of Nothing

As I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t blogged much the last month, in fact, I didn’t blog at all in May.  My last post was six weeks ago on April 17th.


With all of the blogging info I have been reading lately, and between the conferences I’ve been to and the resulting Facebook groups, etc., I started to get overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with all the things.

All the things I felt I just HAD to be doing NOW to grow the blog and if I wasn’t doing them there was no point.  What kinds of things?  Ads, sponsors, brand pitches, giveaways… things like that.  Things that all the “big” Bloggers are doing.

When I get overwhelmed I tend to just shut down and withdraw.  Maybe that’s related to my past experiences with depression?  Maybe that’s a depression trigger for me?  I don’t know, but I think that’s where I’ve been the last few weeks.  Down in the overwhelmed dumps.

So, how did I climb out of those dumps?  I got back to basics.

I realized that the one and only thing I have to do right now is post.

On my own blog.


If I post regularly and create good content then it’s likely everything else will come later, however, without regular and valuable content it’s a guarantee that none of it will.  Likely success or guaranteed failure?  Hmmm, what to do?  What to do?

I’ve decided to take the “build it and they will come” approach. (Thanks Kevin!)

A blog without posts is nothing, and I don’t want nothing.  I’m tired of nothing.

I always have a list of blog topics I want to write about, but when I am overwhelmed it all seems useless.  Why bother writing if I’m not doing a cool giveaway?

How silly is that?  Did I start a blog in order to do giveaways?  No, I started a blog because I felt I had things to say and share.  Would giveaways be fun?  Absolutely!  Are they necessary for me to blog?  Absolutely not!


So now that I’ve figured out I only have one thing to do, I’m going to try my hardest to do that one thing and do it well.

I promise.

And you have my permission to call me out on that!  If I go a while without posting, come find me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and give me all sorts of heck about it!


Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30-something wife, doggy-mama, beginner runner (still), wannabe cook, and 9-5 cubicle farm worker, just trying to enjoy life in beautiful Portland, OR!


  • Whit @ whit likes fit

    So here’s my motto – you need to write for you. Things that you’re interested, that make you happy. You shouldn’t write for anyone else but yourself 🙂 Giveaways, sponsored posts are over rated. Even the sponsored posts I’ve signed up to write always end up feeling like a big burden by the time I have to write them. Plus then you know the people reading your blog are there for you and not some prize you’re giving away. I definitely enjoy your blog. Keep it coming.

    • Sarah

      Thanks Whit, you’re exactly right! If I’m not blogging for me it’s not going to BE me and then what’s the point of that?! The funny thing is that I hardly ever even enter giveaways so why do I feel like I should have them, LOL! From now on, it’s writing for me, myself, and I 🙂

  • Brenna

    I’m working on the same thing right now. Focusing on writing and writing about the things I originally set out to, you know crafts and stuff. Not a promotion for one of my sponsors or affiliates. Good Luck. I love reading your post and look forward to reading more.

    • Sarah

      Thank you for reading Brenna, I know you totally understand how I’ve been feeling lately! With all the conferences it’s hard not to get caught up in the business end of it and forget the creative side and why you started in the first place. We can help each other get back to that!

  • Becky @ So Very Blessed

    Deal! I’ve been in “that” place, too. Quite recently, actually! It can be so intimidating looking at what other bloggers do/have that I don’t, but just like you hit on, it’s not about them. It’s not about how I measure up in comparison. It’s about me doing what I want to do with my little space on the internet. I’ve started making a list of things I will (I’d like a sponsor for Christmas, Santa) and won’t do (I will not participate in linky parties), but, just like you, the #1 thing I have to do is POST! It’s so funny how I can spend so much time on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram and feel like I’m blogging when really no posts are happening whatsoever. I constantly have to remind myself that the blog posts come first!

    I agree with the other commenters – I’m so glad you’re back! You have such a fun, magnetic personality and I just want more! I want to see glimpses into your life and hear your take on the world and whatever else is important to you! Looking forward to seeing more!

    • Sarah

      Becky!!! It’s true what they say, “comparison is the thief of joy”! It’s so hard not to compare though, but then I have to remind myself that the people I’m comparing myself to have been doing it for YEARS longer than I have, and when they started they were pretty much in the same place I am now, just blogging for fun, as a creative outlet, for nobody but themselves. Totally agree about link parties, they just are not my thing! Haha, yeah, I’m on IG and Twitter all the time and that totaly feels like part of blogging and it’s easy to forget I haven’t actually blogged!! Thank you for your sweet words, I could say the same things about you 😉

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