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They gave me the bird!

Not that kind of bird, Silly, the turkey bird!!

Now that we’re already talking about Christmas I figure I should probably back up and give Thanksgiving a mention!  We went up to WA and celebrated at my Aunt’s house with my Stepfather’s side of the family.  Traveling meant I didn’t have to cook anything which was kind of nice, and on top of that they sent me home with the turkey!

I got a gallon of homemade turkey stock out of it and there was still 5-6 cups of meat left on it.  Before I left, my Grandma made sure to tell me I should turn the bird over and get the turkey fillets off the back.  I never knew that turkeys had fillets but I do now and I’ll never let them go to waste again.  If you are a vegetarian reading this, I do apologize!  Sort of.

Mr. Won’t Run was excited too since homemade stock typically results in noodle soup which is probably his favorite dish that I make.  When I grabbed the stock for the soup I realized it had completely jelled congealed! (I don’t think jelled is a word?)  I’ve made chicken stock before but have never had this level of gel action going on so of course I had to post on Facebook about it.  I was assured that it was normal, and actually a good thing since it indicates that you got the good stuff out of the bone, and I know how great bone broths are for you so I was excited!

I just found a great article over at Kitchen Stewardship about how to make stock, and there is another one about getting the best gel which had some tricks I’ll definitely be trying next time.

So, half the stock went to Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup:


And the other half went to Savory Sweet Potato Soup from my Farm Chicks Cookbook:


Speaking of The Farm Chicks… I guess it’s just run by one chick now, but in case you are unaware, it was started by two friends and became this hugely popular Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane, WA.  I have been wanting to go ever since I found out about it and am hoping 2013 will be the year.  If it doesn’t work out though, I know that I can check Kelly’s blog, Empire of Mayhem, for an update, and you should too!

I know Kelly from college and she has gone to this show the last couple of years with friends and it looks like such a blast.  She actually won tickets this year which is so great, I’m so excited for her!  Be sure to check out Empire of Mayhem, especially if you’re into homeschooling, she has some seriously creative ideas and does fun theme days.  Besides the homeschooling they’re just pretty fun all around!

After she posted this picture on Instagram I finally asked if they would adopt me!

I’m kind of serious.

So tell me… any homemade stock tips (or the NYSE type) or Farm Chicks experiences to share?

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