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The Sweater Nobody Likes

Except for me.  Maybe.

I was browsing online the other day and checked out the sale items at a super cute local shop called Mapel Boutique.  I came across this sweater below and could not get it out of my head.

(picture via Mapel Boutique website)

I’m honestly not sure why I was so drawn to it.  It’s not like anything in my closet already, so my best guess is that it just looks cozy for Fall.  Since it was on sale I decided to swing by the store and see it in person.  I asked for opinions on Instagram and it was pretty unanimous.


Nobody liked it, and it seemed to be the fringe’s fault.

I bought it anyway.

I figured I’d try it on at home with some boots and different tops underneath, actually do my hair and makeup, and get the full Fall effect.

sweater02  sweater03
(Wow, those are “awesome”, I should totally become a fashion blogger, haha!)

I still liked it.  I still didn’t know why.

But now in the back of my head were ALL the people who didn’t like it.  And it was a little scratchier than I remembered from the dressing room.  And I wasn’t sure I 100% LOVED it which usually means it will just sit in my closet taking up hanger space.  So, I took it back.

Well, I tried to take it back.  Sale = cannot return.  Says so right on the receipt.  Helps if you read that first instead of looking like a total dork to the very sweet and helpful sales girl.

I guess that means I’m meant to have it, right?

I do still like it, and the fringe could be removed easily enough (don’t tell the designer!!), it’s just out of the box for me.  But that’s what I’ve been trying to do lately, get out of my jeans and a sweater box.  Oh shoot, this is still a sweater.  I can’t help it, I like my boxes!


Mr. Won’t Run hasn’t seen it yet.  I’m pretty sure he’ll hate it.

Have you ever loved a piece of clothing that nobody else did?
What was it?  Did you wear it anyway?


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