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The Original {Portland, OR}

A couple weekends ago, Mr. Won’t Run and I had planned to do brunch at The Original“the downtown destination for all-day Portland dining” – but we both woke up not feeling well and ended up postponing to a Monday date night instead.

I had just learned of The Original while at the Portland Bloggers Holiday Mingle event, and I knew I wanted to try them out for a meal.  It’s actually my goal to try ALL the great restaurants that were at the Holiday Mingle, so lucky you, lots more restaurant reviews to look forward to!

As their Twitter describes, The Original “serves up playful variations on the classic standards”.  Fun comfort food.


We started with drinks, of course.

THE ‘RITA for me (milagro silver tequila, agave nectar, st. germain, lime, orange flower) which was perfect in a small glass since I don’t drink alcohol much, and a SMOKED TOMATO BLOODY MARY for him (vodka, smoked tomato, smoked sea salt).


You can bet your smoked tomato I tried some of his.  They also have a BEEF JERKY BLOODY MARY on the menu and that’s reason enough to visit this place!

Then it was on to appetizers:


Mr. Won’t Run loves seafood so he was all about the SEAFOOD COCKTAIL, but I love a good sweet+savory combo so I wanted to try the DONUT BURGER SLIDERS.  Because, donuts.


Yep, that’s icing on top.

We each enjoyed our respective appetizers (what, you’re supposed to share?), and I convinced Mr. Won’t Run to try the sliders but he wasn’t a fan.  He’s not anti sweet+savory, he does enjoy chicken and waffles, he just thought they were too sweet.  I loved them though, and they were cooked perfectly.

Next up was dinner:


LONDON BROIL for him which came with tomatoes, blue cheese, and crispy onions:


STUFFED PORK CHOPS for me.  Well, almost.

My menu escaped the old menu purge and they weren’t doing chops anymore, so instead I had BACON WRAPPED PORK LOIN which came with carrots, fennel, white cheddar grits, and lentils over top.

(Yes, I realize that appetizing food photos with my iPhone are not my forte, ha!)

Both dishes were cooked perfectly, and the bacon was not overwhelming like it so often can be, it was just the right complement.

We took dessert to go, CHEESECAKE for him and APPLE PIE for me.  We were so excited to eat dessert later that I forgot to snap a picture, but they were both tasty.


So there you have it, dinner at The Original, and it was delicious.

I definitely want to go back to try their brunch, and if you’re one of those crazy young’uns who can stay out past 10pm, they’re open late.  Like 4am on Friday and Saturday nights.  Oh wait, I guess that would be 4am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  I am not out that late, but their post-last-call menu of late night / early morning eats looks delicous.

They also do a Zombie Brunch in October which sounds like a lot of fun!

Funny story… Towards the end of dinner they sat a family of three in the booth behind us.  I didn’t pay too much attention, but I found out the next night at the Trophy Part Book signing that it was Jennifer Shea.  Of Trophy Cupcakes.  Out to dinner with her husband and son.  That’ll teach me to be more aware of my surroundings, haha!

The Original
300 SW 6TH Avenue
Portland Oregon 97204

You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter too.

Have you eaten at The Original?  What did you think?


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