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The Oregon Coast

I know, I know, over three weeks since my last post, not very Bloggery of me.

A few weeks ago I met up with my friend Marisa for a beach weekend.  We first met back in 9th grade and I just did the math on that… 20 years. Will someone please slow down time.

We wanted to go to Cannon Beach but it’s way too expensive to stay there so we found Gearhart a little farther North and it’s a really cute little town! We stayed at Gearhart by the Sea and ate at McMenaminsright there across the street the first night.

We heard rave reviews about Pacific Way Bakery & Cafewhich was just down the street so we stopped by for breakfast both mornings. It’s always a good sign when the line is out the door! Cinnamon Rolls, Scones, Tarts, Cookies, Breads… everything we had was great, if you’re ever out that way you must stop by!

We explored Cannon Beach, took the required pics of Haystack Rock, and checked out all the cute (but a little overpriced) shops.


We lunched there at a place Mr. Won’t Run and I had been to before, Seasons Cafe. Check out this awesome open faced caprese sandwich I got, Yum!!


We stopped by Seaside on our way back to Gearhart and stocked up on salt water taffy at Seaside Candyman (they have 170 flavors).


It was back to Paradise Bakery & Cafe that night for dinner.  Reservations are recommended but we scored a table for two and got a pizza. I wish I could remember exactly what we ordered because it wasn’t your standard fare, they jazzed it up a bit.


Before leaving the Coast we hit up two antique shops in Gearhart which were great.  The first is just down from the bakery and called Romancing the Home.  It didn’t look that big from the outside but it is and it’s so well organized too. I never buy anything at these places but I got a good size wire basket and a circle vanity mirror.  The gal there made sure to tell us about The Yankee Trader that’s just a little farther North up 101.  This was the view when we walked in:


The whole store was like that, jam packed with so many treasures. It was set up so cute too with different sections done by color or theme. You could spend days in there and still not see all there is to see. I wound up with three quart size blue Ball jars, $3/each!!  I’m thinking those would have been at least $10/each in Cannon Beach. The gal who owns the place doesn’t do computers so no website or FB page, but there are some reviews here, an article here, and a bunch of posts on the Pleasant Home blog.

We had so much fun at those two shops we decided to head a little farther North to Astoria to check out three other shops. Two of them were closed on Sundays but we still made it to Vintage Hardwarewhich was really cool! Not only was it in one of those old, crumbling buildings that you know must have been gorgeous in its heyday, but they had so much fun stuff. I left empty-handed (plenty I wanted, just nothing I needed or have the room for), but Marisa found a couple of unique old windows to hang on her wall.


Then it was lunch at Baked Alaska, another place Mr. Won’t Run and I have been to before. My co-worker is actually friends with the Owner/Chef which is how I found out about it. It’s right on the water with a view of the Astoria-Megler Bridgewhich crosses the Columbia River with Oregon on one side and WA on the other. It’s 14 miles long which apparently makes it the longest continuous truss bridge in North America.


Mr. Won’t Run and I ended up on it by accident once and I can confirm it’s a long bridge, especially when you didn’t mean to be on it, but at least it’s a pretty 28 mile detour.


You also get a great view of the shipping lanes which can make for some fun ship-watching.

So there is is, the Northern Oregon Coast. You should totally explore it sometime!

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