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The Cutest Baby Shower You Ever Did See

This last weekend I went to the cutest baby shower for a friend from work.

Check out these adorable invites from Alacarta on Etsy:


Her sister put the shower together and it was absolutely adorable.  She tried to brush off the compliments by saying “it’s all from Pinterest”, but I say it’s all from her because it still took time to find those ideas and then more time, labor, and materials to implement them.

Way to go Brittnie, you are a party planning rock star whether you want to be or not!  You could make a living with that sort of thing, just check out Pizzazzerie!



IMG_1609 IMG_1612


IMG_1618 IMG_1617

We also got to guess the baby’s gender and arrival date on this cute calendar.  We had footprint stamps with blue and pink ink and we stamped the day we wanted with the color we wanted.  We all think it’s going to be a boy but I want it to be a girl so I went with pink.  She’s a first-time mom so I also went a few days past her due date.  Not that I’m wishing that on her or anything, haha!


We also played the “how big is the belly” game by cutting lengths of ribbon and then measuring.  I failed in a major way and cut mine way too long.  I see this girl five days a week so you’d think I would have a good idea of how big her belly is getting, but I guess not.

In lieu of cards, it was requested that guests bring a book which I thought was a really neat idea.  Sweet messages were written in the book to the mom, the baby, or both.  Some messages were quite the tear-jerker!

IMG_1706 IMG_1713

Here is Brooke, the cute baby mama; she thinks it’s a boy in there holding up that cupcake.  We’ll find out for sure in 4(ish) more weeks!!


Oh, and if you love that alien scene in Spaceballs (if you love it you know exactly what I’m talking about), then you should definitely watch this video of Brooke looking down at her baby belly shenanigans!


Did you love that video or did it creep you out?  I’m in the LOVE IT group!

Now it’s your turn: What’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen at a baby shower?

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