Thanksgiving on Hood Canal

The Monday after a long weekend is the worst, but at least we’ll have some tasty memories to get us through.  I hope your holiday was delicious, here’s what ours looked like…

We headed North to the tiny town of Belfair, WA where my family has a little place on the water, Hood Canal to be exact.  It was a foggy drive into town.


Thankfully it cleared up in time for the sunset.



Koko really wanted to play with Hobie and Yoda (my parent’s cats), but they’re still afraid to get too close.


Except for when Koko jumped on the daybed and had no clue that Yoda was up there chilling out behind our stuff.  Surprisingly, Yoda stayed there (maybe frozen in fear?) and Koko never realized.


Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, and I actually made three of the dishes I had posted about drooling over last week and they all turned out great!

The Creamy Confetti Corn with Bacon from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe was great, even though it was odd for us to have a corn dish at Thanksgiving, it’s just not something we normally do for that holiday, not sure why.  I think I’ll probably serve it with pork chops in the future, for some reason it just sounds like it would go with that.

The Best Green Bean Casserole from The Novice Chef was so easy and so tasty.  Mr. Won’t Run is a big fan of the standard green bean casserole, so when I came across this one with fresh green beans and a homemade sauce, I had to try it.  It did not disappoint!

The Super Easy Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Crumble from Pinch of Yum, was like dessert!  So good, I want to put that pecan crumble on everything!!

Mom was in charge of the turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, rolls, and pie.  And we feasted!

And, I was guilty of the obligatory Thanksgiving dinner plate photo on Instagram.


Someone else wanted to get in on the feasting action too.


This was as close as she got.  We don’t feed her at the table.  Mostly because we don’t actually have a kitchen table at home that we eat at, but Mr. Won’t Run is a pushover and can’t say no to those dark brown eyes of hers.  I made her wait until afterwards and then gave her some turkey away from the table.  Can’t blame her for trying though!


I was too full for pie that night, but thankfully there were lots of leftovers to bring home!

It was fogged in most of the day after.  Kind of gloomy, but perfect for a lazy day of reading, chatting, drinking tea, and digesting turkey.



Some of you may know that I grew up in Bellevue, WA, and now to hear that we (my parents) have a place on the water as well, I know what might be going through your head:

“Ohhhh, you grew up in Belllllllllevue, I see.”

“Ohhhh, a place on the waaaaaaater. mmm-hmmmm.”

Bellevue has a stereotype.  A rich and snobby stereotype.  There may be some truth to it, but it’s not who we are.  We’re just normal people, living normal lives, and my Mom and Step-Dad worked hard (and still are) for what they have and what they were able to provide for me.  Bellevue was a great place to grow up, but no, I was not given a BMW on my 16th birthday.

I was on the phone at work recently with a customer in WA, and during our chat it came up that I was from Bellevue.  He actually said “oh, so you must be rich then”.  I laughed.

Hood Canal is a great place to go, it’s beautiful and so relaxing on the water.  It’s an oyster bed so Mr. Won’t Run especially loves it and walks down to the beach with an oyster knife (shucker??) and eats then right there.  Doesn’t get much fresher than that!

I didn’t snap any outside photos, but before you guys start thinking it’s a Street of Dreams type of housing situation, let me tell you, it’s TINY!  And check out this shower situation:


Yes, those green things you see are trees.  Because it’s outside.


It’s a Tahiti Shower that my Step-Dad build an enclosure for, complete with shower curtain and hooks inside to hang a towel.  And bathrobe.  Unless you’re into streaking.


It’s quite a… refreshing… way to shower.  Especially when it’s 40 degrees out.  Or colder.

An indoor shower is part of the eventual plan.  I think.  I hope.

So how was your Thanksgiving?  Did you get to shower inside?



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