I love being spontaneous!!!  As long as I know about it ahead of time.

Mr. Won’t Run has a very fluid work schedule that can open up (or close up) very suddenly.  When he gets some unexpected free time we can now spend it together since I’m not withering away in a cubicle which is GREAT!  However, if I already have plans or if I’ve got expectations in my head about the way my day is going to go, the sudden shift can be difficult for me.  I love that he wants to spend the day with me, and I love spending the day with him, sometimes it just takes me a few minutes to shift my mindset and let go of what I had planned.  None of my plans will ever be brain surgery so it’s not like they can’t wait until the next day, it just takes me a minute to embrace the new plan.  Does that make any sense?

Today was one of those days.

After yoga class (oh yeah, I started yoga again this week!) I had planned to head over to a great coffee shop nearby and do some blog work, but when I got out of class there was a text saying he was coming home and did I want to do dumplings and donuts.  Well, with an offer like that I let go of my plans pretty easily and hurried home.

We were recently talking about dim sum and I had found this article listing the top spots in Portland so we crossed HK Café off the list – we plan to try them all since that’s obviously the only way to make an informed dim sum decision!  This is an interesting WW article about eating at HK, it’s a year old but still good info.  By the way… we did try the chicken feet.  I gave it one bite, Mr. Won’t Run gave it two.  Not our favorite.  Everything else was good though, and now we have a starting point to compare the other places to.

020216 (1)

After that we continued on to the donut portion of our day.  It was a tough call between Pip’s and Blue Star but since we went to Pip’s last time we hit up the Blue Star on Hawthorne.

image image

  • passion fruit + cocoa nib – still our absolute favorite
  • raspberry + ROSEMARY!!! – we all know I have a thing for rosemary – this was a cakey buttermilk type instead of their standard brioche dough and the outside edge, oh my goodness, if there was an award for most perfect fried crispy goodness, it would go to this donut
  • meyer lemon + key lime curd – got powdered sugar all over myself but it was worth it for the love of curd

Cakey fried perfection – look at that outer edge!!!


After the donuts we walked up and down Hawthorne a bit, checking out shops like The Maple Parlor (fancy pants soft serve – we’ll be back sometime when we haven’t binged on donuts) and Portland Cider Co (got a growler of their Maui Cruiser).

After that it was bowling which has become one of our favorite spontaneous things.  We played four games and I only broke 100 on the last one.  Mr. Won’t Run always beats me but my game was sooooo off today and I have no idea why.  Anyone have any bowling tips?


While driving home from bowling THE SUN WAS OUT!!! so we decided to take Koko on the long walk which is about 2.5 miles.

Now we’re trying to figure out if we’re actually hungry enough for dinner.  Our spontaneous days seem to rack up the calories, but at least we walked a bunch of them off this time.  It turned into another ‘best day’, but it usually does.  Here’s to embracing the spontaneous days in all their head-spinning, plan-changing glory.

Are you always up for spontaneity or do you need a minute to adjust like me?


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    What a wonderful date day with the hubby! How fun! I tend to live life the most fully when I’m spontaneous so I love a good change in plans. I’m actually the worst when it comes to sticking to plans (which you’ve experienced from me multiple times unfortunately) so a I appreciate short notice from others.

    Also, I miss those donuts. Blue Star is soooo the best. <3

  2. says

    Blue Star always takes the trophy every day. N wow! Mr. Won’t run and you are so living the life I dream of. That’s such a lovely date. Nice update.xoxo

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