Sandy Hook Elementary – I will not forget.

I have been mostly silent on the web this weekend.

I have viewed social media but have not posted since Friday which was just to share my grief and sadness with the rest of the country about the senseless tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. I hadn’t planned on being silent, but everything I thought about posting this weekend seemed so trivial in comparison.

My heart is heavy for those who are experiencing the type of tremendous loss that I cannot even begin to imagine. The Washington Post is compiling memorial bios of the victims and it is heartbreaking.

There are no words I can offer anyone here on this tiny blog, I guess I just want to let them know that I will never forget. Even though life will go on and tomorrow will be Monday and will seem to be business as usual for so many, all those involved will still be heavy on my heart and mind.

I will not forget Newtown, Connecticut.

I will not forget Sandy Hook Elementary.

I will not forget the innocence that was forever lost on Friday, December 14th, 2012.


(image used with permission)

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