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Random Monday Madness #2

Aaaaand we’re back at Monday!  They just keep coming.

I guess without Monday you can’t get to Friday, and it’s another day to enjoy life so maybe I need to change my perspective of Mondays.  My Monday brain is still good-for-nothing so let’s get on with the Random Monday Madness!

1. I was originally going to call this Monday series Blog Vomit.

2. I got together with a group of girlfriends from college on Saturday.  I drove down to Salem and we met up at our old hangout, the oh-so-exciting Red Robin (Yummm).  The waiter asked what the special occasion was and we explained it was a girl’s night out.  I think he was a little surprised when our drink orders were just water and soda, ha!  Obviously we get all sorts of crazy on those girl’s nights of ours.

3. Since Thursday I have been washing my face with oil.  Yep, oil.  It’s called the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) and I’m liking it so far, I’ve already seen an improvement in my dry patches.  It’s not only for dry skin though, it can be great if you have oily skin as well.  It seems counterproductive to put oil on your face when somewhere along the line we have been told that oil is the evil enemy, but our skin actually needs some oil.  Leslie over at Crunchy Betty is my go-to for natural skincare info and she has a great post about oil as a cleanser and oil as a moisturizer.  She also has a great post about honey on your face too!  Leslie finally got an Etsy shop going (which her readers have been begging for!!) and I ordered some of this:


She has a lot of DIY recipes on her site and explains how you can make your own oil cleanser, I was just feeling too lazy to buy all the different ingredients and thought I’d buy it straight from her to try it out first.  It was a $15.50 very well spent, and she includes her recipe in the purchase so you can make more yourself.  If you’re not a Crunchy Betty fan yet, get on the bandwagon already!

4. When I took Koko for her walk in the frosty wonderland, I put a harness leash on her to try.  It’s totally the wrong size and she’s not impressed so I’ll need to exchange it, but I snapped this pic and you can totally see her top lip chevron mustache!  Or whatever that dark line area is?  I don’t always notice it but there’s no missing it here!  Maybe I should be a good friend and get her some bleaching strips?  And a tweezer for those chin hairs!  I guess pets do start looking like their owners, huh?  Don’t answer that.


5. What do I love about Instagram?  And Twitter too?  You can totally interact with Bloggers you love!  Check out the comments on this Instagram photo.  That’s me educating Shelley from The House of Smiths on the Target clearance markdown schedule.  How fun is that?!!  Commenting on a blog, especially a very popular one, can be a little disappointing because once they get so big not all Bloggers are able to interact with each commenter.  It’s very understandable, and I guess disappointing isn’t the right word, you just don’t feel noticed.  And it’s not like you comment on a blog to get noticed, but you’re commenting because you love something and you want to know that they heard you.  Does that make any sense or is my good-for-nothing brain totally incoherent at this point?  My point is that on IG and Twitter it can turn into a conversation with someone you admire and that’s a lot of fun!  Check out Shelley’s other IG photos too, her girls are just the cutest!

6. If you want to bookmark it, here’s a Target clearance schedule list that has some additional departments listed.  But come on Target, can’t you do women’s clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and jewelry all on the same day instead of making me come to Target three days a week?  Although I guess that’s genius since some people can’t get out of there for less than $100 each visit.  Well played Target!

And there we have it, another episode of blog vomit, thanks for holding my hair back!

Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30-something wife, doggy-mama, beginner runner (still), wannabe cook, and 9-5 cubicle farm worker, just trying to enjoy life in beautiful Portland, OR!


  • Becky (So Very Blessed)

    1. Gross, but understandable.
    2. Hilarious! Love those girls’ nights!
    3. Fascinating…never heard of this before!
    4. Loving the moustache! And the Mom-please-please-please-get-me-out-of-this-harness face!
    5. I totally agree! I love interacting with other bloggers on Instagram!
    6. Ooo…those sneaky Target folk. Love knowing the schedule, though! Gotta love clearance items!

    • Sarah

      Hi Melissa! I haven’t noticed any increase in breakouts and my dryness is definitely getting better. I think “oil causes acne” might be a myth, or at least only partially true. Our skin naturally produces oil (sebum) and sometimes that can get out of wack with hormones (especially in teenage years) but a normal amount of oil is still something your skin needs. We’re lead to believe that we need a cleanser to get rid of all that bad oil so we use one that strips our skin of it entirely (probably leaving you feeling dry, tight, itchy, etc.). With all the oil gone it causes alarm bells to go off in our pores that say “out of oil, time to make more” and you get into a cycle of using anti-oil products that really only cause your skin to produce more oil. The theory behind the Oil Cleansing Method is that like dissolves like, so when you’re rubbing oil into your face it’s going to dissolve and lift out the oil already in your pores and then you wipe it all away, essentially replacing the dirty oil with clean oil. It might take a couple of weeks for your skin to get used to it but it should even out in its natural oil production rates. That’s a super basic description from what I remember reading so I may have gotten something wrong. And as far as fighting acne with the OCM, there are oils specifically recommended for that (jojoba, argan, grapeseed, tamanu, borage, evening primrose oil, neem), as well as essential oils that can be added to the mix that help fight acne (lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary). If you’re interested in trying it out she has a cleansing oil formulated for normal/oily/acne skin in her Etsy shop for $15 and it’ll come with the “recipe” she used. I know other store-bought cleansers that are more than that so for me the price wasn’t too outrageous and I figured it was cheaper than buying a bunch of different oils to mix my own w/out really knowing what I was doing. Let me know if you try it out, I’d love to know how it works for you!

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