I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow

Snow.  Snow.  Snow.  Snoooooooow.
Little ol’ snowflakes, Eskimo pie; chocolate and vanilla for you and I.

If you have any idea what I’m talking about, then I think you’re pretty awesome!

Speaking of snow, have you seen Portland lately?  I am so not built for this kind of cold.  19 degrees but it feels like 7.  And I have to walk the dog.



A little after noon, it looked like this, and yes, I know that is inappropriate snow footwear.  Good thing I didn’t have to walk home.


My employer decided to let us go early which was so nice for the people who live farther away where the snow was really coming down.  The snow itself isn’t that bad, but the traffic from it will be a nightmare!  Thankfully I live fairly close to work, but I still had a coworker drive me home, and I’ll have someone pick me up in the morning too.  I’m a wimp.

By the time we left work around 3 it had accumulated to this:


Had to get a picture or it didn’t really happen, right?

And I’m glad I had a ride home because the roads looked like this:


I know, I know, it’s not THAT scary but I still would have been nervous, and a nervous driver isn’t always a good driver, ha!

I took Koko out when I got home but only for about two minutes before I froze solid.  I felt guilty so I took her out again around 5:30 and we had racked up a bit more snooooooow.  Yep, definitely won’t be driving myself tomorrow!


The fountain froze again.  I figured they would have prepared for that and turned the water off.  It can’t be good for it to freeze like that, can it?


She thinks my tractor’s snowy.


And look, I made a silly gif for your viewing pleasure.  Hope it doesn’t make you dizzy.


Apparently being snowed in makes me snow-silly.

Hope everyone is being safe out there and staying warm!!



  1. Jessica Bunn says

    I know exactly to what movie you’re referring to- White Christmas! Only my favorite movie in the world- your pictures are amazing! Does it snow like that every winter ? Love your entry:) blessings to you and your husband!

    • says

      Yay, I knew I liked you 😉 Thanks about the pictures, I just use my iPhone; they seriously stepped up the camera on the latest version! It really doesn’t snow much around here, the last major one was Christmas of 2007 I think, and that one makes this little bit look like nothing!

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