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Portland Bloggers Meetup – Oct 2012

I went to a Portland Bloggers Meetup this weekend and it reminded me that I never posted about the first one I went to, so let’s start with that one. Last month I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and it was scary (still is), but I’m so glad I did it.

I recently discovered a great group called Portland Bloggers and they have meetups every other month, usually with speakers focusing on a bogging topic of some sort, but in October it was just a casual meet-n-greet for mingling and networking.

I have always been on the quiet, reserved, shy side, especially when face to face. I’ll chat you up nonstop online but get me in a room with a bunch of people and I’ll be the one sitting back listening, nodding, laughing, but not joining in the conversation much. That’s still what happened but I did manage to meet some great people and I look forward to getting to know them better as well as to continue meeting other local bloggers.

I know that the shyness can come across as being aloof or snobby (aka beyotchy), so hopefully it didn’t, but I was just so out of my zone to begin with, it’s a miracle I even showed up. On top of going by myself and knowing nobody (aside from the occasional blog comment and Twitter interaction), it was also in a loud bar setting so half the time we were lip-reading and doing the good ‘ol smile-n-nod, and there were a lot of strong, outgoing personalities.

Don’t get me wrong, I love strong personalities, I want to be friends with them, I wish I was like them, but if I’m in a group of them it’s hard for me to contribute to the conversation. You know how it is, they’re all laughing and joking and talking over each other and I’m waiting for a pause in the conversation to pipe up with my thoughts but the pause doesn’t come for another five minutes and by then the topic has changed about 12 times.

I love it, I just wish I was more comfortable joining in. It’s always been this way though and I don’t think it’s going to change much more. My high school and college friends will tell you the same thing, it takes a long time for me to really get to that point of knowing someone and having that totally comfortable relationship where I’ll just jump right in.

Anyways… back to the awesome night. I got to Bridgeport Brewing Company in the Pearl right at 5pm which was a miracle because I am ALWAYS late, and driving into Portland and finding parking always freaks me out. So I walked in, asked the hostess if there were some bloggers hanging around and she directed me upstairs where I found a few gals already there. Thankfully I had been checking out a few of their blogs beforehand so I recognized the faces of Jenni, Macey, and Suzannah. More people arrived and we spent the next three hours chatting and listening and swapping business cards. Check mine out – I stuck them on people’s backs:


Just kidding! This was a casual event and I decided these would do for one night, and Will Run for Pasta isn’t that hard to remember. At the very least I figured I could be remembered as “that pink post-it note girl”. If I’m going to keep attending meetups I should get some actual cards made.

After discussing running with Macey, Kayla, and a different Susannah, it was discovered that Macey had never been to Salt & Straw (me neither… nor me?… what’s the grammar rule on that one?).

So off we headed for some out of this world ice cream. Apparently the line is usually out the door, as it was the entire time we were there, but I totally understand why.


It’s absolutely worth the wait, and they give you samples while you’re in line which helps too.


I had Honey Balsamic Strawberry w/ Cracked Pepper (hiding on the bottom) and Cheddar Apple Pie.


And that waffle cone you see there… still warm!

We spent about an hour there chatting some more and then headed back to the cars and I got home around 10:45. It was a much later night than I thought it would be but I had so much fun, and I can’t wait to meet up with these gals again!

Check out the other Portland Bloggers that attended:

Abby of CheersXO
Ashley of This Valley Life
Bee of The Spicy Bee
Brian of Bost Beer
Chelsey of The Paper Mama
Erika of A Tiny Rocket
Jenni of A Well Crafted Party and Leave the Laundry for Later
Kayla of Keep Moving Forward
Leah of The Content Owl
Macey of Motormouth Studio and Perseverance
Sam Rosen of Samantha Rosen
Spencer from 12 oz beehouse
Susannah of Simple Moments Stick
Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking

I also recently discovered the Pacific Northwest Bloggers group and they had a holiday meetup a few weeks ago.  I had a ticket to go but I wasn’t feeling well and I gave my ticket to Bee. She has kindly offered to guest post on my blog about the event, so we’ll get to read all about that tomorrow!

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