Peking Duck at Departure {Portland, OR}

Wanna buy a duck?  A what?  A duck.  Does it quack?  Of course it quacks!

Please tell me someone else has played the “wanna buy a duck” game!  Yes?  No?  Think I’m crazy?

Well, speaking of duck, we ATE one recently!  That was a first for me, and I crossed another restaurant off my Holiday Mingle list.

Thanks to a Tweet from Portland Monthly Magazine, I learned about Departure’s December Duck tradition.  That’s not what it’s called, but I’m a fan of alliteration so they should totally start calling it that, or maybe December Duck at Departure.  Or maybe Double D at Departure?  Maybe not.


Anyways, the Tweet took me to the article above and I just about shorted out my phone with all the drool pooling on the screen as I read the description!  I headed to Departure’s website to read more and was surprised it wasn’t on their front page but I finally found it on their Blog and the drooling continued.  I sent the link to Mr. Won’t Run and we made reservations ASAP!

The menu looked amazing, so even though we knew the duck dinner would be plenty, we still had to try a couple of appetizers – Red Miso Manila Clams & Shu Mai (pork dumplings) – YUM!!!


Then came the duck, and part of the fun is that they present it to you before carving it up – check this guy out! (RIP Quackers)


Cured.  Blanched.  Hung.  Roasted.   Flash Fried.

Chef Gregory certainly knows what he’s doing – 24+ hours of duck preparation – talk about a labor of love!

They take it back to the kitchen for carving, and then bring it out served with steaming Mandarin pancakes (made from flour, water, and duck fat!!), along with traditional garnishes of cucumbers, sliced scallions, pickled kumquats, a house-made plum sauce with ginger and chili, and a hoisin sauce.


You spread the sauces on the pancakes, top with duck and garnishes, and voila – a duck taco!  Or a duck wrap, yeah, that sounds classier.  This was right up my alley with the savory duck and the sweet kumquats and hoisin sauce, loved it and had to make myself stop eating it.


As you’re wrappin’ with your duck, Chef Gregory is still making magic in the kitchen with the leftovers from carving, and whipping up some duck fried rice.  So duckin’ good!


There’s still a little bit of December left, so if you’re looking for a special dinner, give Departure a call and reserve yourself a duck, you won’t be disappointed!  And if you’re not into duck, they have an amazing menu which we plan on returning to try out soon.  Very soon.

And dessert!  We made sure to save room and we tried the Spiced Fig Bar and the Departure Banana Split, with coffee of course.  Both were amazing!

IMG_5344 IMG_5345

And really, you can’t beat the views!


This was the view from our table, but they also have some dreamy outdoor seating.

Departure Restaurant + Lounge
(located at the top of the Nines Hotel)
525 SW Morrison Street
Portland, OR  97204

Open Sunday – Thursday, 4:00pm – Midnight
Friday & Saturday, 4:00pm – 1:00am

You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter too.

Have you eaten at Departure?  What did you think?



  1. Brooke Burgess says

    Amazing!! Love this post! I really want a duck taco. $82 for a duck! Who woulda thought. Looks mighty delicious though.

    • says

      So delicious, and you definitely get what you pay for 😉 It does serve 2-4 so you could take a couple friends and split the cost, totally worth it!

    • says

      Yeah, it does sound like a lot, but it serves up to 4 people so you could make it a double-date and split the cost! Or have yummy leftovers for a couple days :)

  2. says

    Wow the duck looks amazing, especially glad to see ALL of it is utilized, it seems very rich. Having a holiday duck sounds right for this time of year too though I wish it was longer than just December!

    • says

      Yes, I loved that they didn’t want to waste any, and who would turn down duck fried rice??! There is definitely something “holiday” about a special Peking Duck dinner, definitely a special treat!


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