Pay it Forward 2013

Have you seen the Pay it Forward 2013 thing going on?

It’s been going around the internet and as far as I can tell it originally started with this Creative Pay it Forward Facebook page.  I really like the idea so when my friend Brenna from Life After Laundry posted it I decided to finally join in the fun.  The blog Brenna and I are linking up to is The McBaileys and here’s how it works.

The McBaileys
The first five people to comment on this post will receive something from me!

You won’t know what’s coming or when it’s coming and that adds to the fun.  Kind of like a scary movie, when you know something is going to happen but it still catches you by surprise.

There’s a catch though.  Well, there’s supposed to be a catch.

In order to get something from me you need to post the same challenge on your blog.

But… I’m not going to hold you to that.

I would absolutely love it if you decide to post this on your blog and join in the fun, but I also think paying it forward should come from *your* heart because *you* feel lead to do it.

I don’t feel it should be something you do because you know you’ll be getting something material out of it, you know?  Something about that wasn’t sitting right with me so I’m just not doing it.  It’s my blog and I can do that.  I think.

I am not in any way saying that other participants doing it differently are wrong or missing the true spirit.  I completely understand wanting to make sure others are joining in to pay it forward as well, not just take advantage of you to score some free stuff.

I am choosing to do it this way because it’s the way that feels right to *me*.

So come on, leave me a comment and let’s have some fun!

*** 3/11/13 Edited to add…

Brenna brings up a good point in the comments below – what if you want to re-post this challenge but don’t have a blog?  No problem!  You can re-post to any other social media you’re on – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – or even pose the challenge to a group of friends in person.  You could even do this whole thing anonymously!  Send a pick-me-up to a friend and include a message asking them to do the same for someone they know.

Like I said, I’m not holding you to do any of that, but if you feel so lead that’s great!

I’d still love to send YOU something though, so leave a comment and be sure to fill out the email field so I can contact you for your address!


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    Ooo…pick me! I actually participated in this challenge on Facebook and DID re-post, because it is just the most fabulous idea ever. I LOVE the idea of bringing a surprise/extra smile/little bit of happiness to someone’s day. :-) I hadn’t thought about opening it up on my blog, though! Love, love, LOVE this idea!

  2. says

    I totally understand what you are saying. I know my MIL wanted to join in but she doesn’t have a blog. I told her should could be part of my 5 anyway, I am just excited to be doing something for others.

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