I’m Having a Love Affair

With Rosemary. Rosemary Clooney? No.  Well, yes.  I mean, it’s December, aren’t we all a little moon-eyed for her? {image via} I’m talking about the herb though, that beautiful buttery Rosmarinus Officinalis.  Did you know it’s actually part of the mint family?  Wikipedia told me so.  Apparently it’s also a symbol of remembrance and love.  …


Vacation Interruptus – New England in the Fall
(or not)

Vacation Interruptus… you know, that thing where you spend eight months saving and researching and planning an 11 day New England in the Fall vacation but then cancel it 30 hours before you’re supposed to leave. Yeah, that.  I don’t recommend it. We’re supposed to be in Boston right now enjoying our last day of …