Pacific Northwest Bloggers Holiday Party 2013

Along with PDX Bloggers which mainly covers the Portland area, there is also the Pacific Northwest Bloggers group that covers OR and WA and they just had one of the larger meetup events that they try to do twice a year.  It’s headed up by Chelsey, and with help from Jenni and Heather it was a great event!

You may remember that I was supposed to attend last year’s holiday meetup in Portland but I was sick and ended up giving my ticket to Bee; she wrote a wonderful recap of that event for me.  And then, back in April I attended the event in Seattle and had a blast, but apparently I never blogged about it.  Oops.

This year’s holiday party was held at Union/Pine in Portland (a really great rental space), and I carpooled with Lindsay.  It’s kind of our thing now, and it’s always so nice to walk in with someone you know!



We’re both paranoid about Portland parking so we got there pretty early and killed some time by pretending we were fashion bloggers.  Don’t laugh too hard.  I was trying to channel my inner Kendi.  Nailed it. (<— sarcasm)

IMG_4793 IMG_4800 IMG_4804

Once the event started it was time to brunch and craft and mingle!


Many thanks to 7th Chamber, Well Yoked, and Pinhole Press for sponsoring the event!

How cute are these nametag pins from The Paper Mama:


The awesome Black Rock Coffee kept us caffeinated:


Franz Bakery, Rawdacious Desserts, Kind Snacks, and Sparkling ICE providing some great food and refreshments!



Fabric Depot was there with a fun gift tag craft on chalkboard fabric (!!) and the talented Lia Griffith was spilling the secrets on how to make amazing paper flowers!  Sadly, no photos of either because I am not crafty at all.

Macey from Motormouth Studios did get some photos of the crafts, and so much more, which you should check out here.

I am terrible at mingling, but I tried my best, and even had some photo booth fun with Lindsay and Macey.  Which reminds me, I need to stand up straight!


There was also a swag bag full of fun stuff and coupons!

IMG_4859 IMG_4860  IMG_4863 IMG_4865 IMG_4866

Thanks so much to Angela & Roi, Grand Central Bakery, Belleza Mia, Craft Factory PDX, Graham and Brown, [in]complete magazine, Moorea Seal, Pirates Booty, Printic, Reeve Music, Scotch Brand, Sunglass Warehouse, Microsoft Surface, The Land of Nod, and Water Avenue Coffee for your generosity in providing swag and door prizes!

Huge congrats to Renee of What’s for Dinner, Mama?, she won the Microsoft Surface tablet!!  You can read her recap here.

Way back at the top of this post I mentioned 7th Chamber, Well Yoked, and Pinhole Press, and I am excited to learn more about them.  If you’re a Blogger, you should check them out.

  • 7th Chamber connects Bloggers with Brands who want to share video content that would be beneficial to their readers.
  • Well Yoked is like a dating service for Bloggers and Brands, helping make the right connections.
  • Pinhole Press specializes in personalized photo gifts, including holiday cards, home decor, storybooks, etc.  They like working with Bloggers and they have an affiliate program too.

The other thing I learned about that I am really excited for is [in]complete magazine.  The brainchild of Macey, it’s “a magazine celebrating you, just the way you are”.  It’s launching next year and you can sign up here so you don’t miss it, and like the Facebook page too!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and probably again and again… find a meetup in your area, and if there isn’t one that you know of, start one.  They really are so fun, and great for connecting!


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