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My Favorite Christmas Tradition

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One of the things I love most about Christmas are the traditions, and I have one favorite in particular.

     Christmas Eve.

          One Gift.

               New Pajamas.


Presumably so I’d look half-way decent for early morning Christmas pictures the next day.  I know others who do this too so it isn’t a big family secret sort of tradition, but it’s the one I look forward to every year.

Yes, I’m 34 and I still look forward to it.

I got married in September of 2005 and we went to my Mom & Stepdad’s place that year for Christmas.  We drove up on Christmas Eve so of course I didn’t bother to pack pajamas since I knew I’d be getting new ones that night.  Obviously.

My mom, however, figured that since I was married I wouldn’t be into that tradition anymore. I informed her that I will always-and-forever be into it, and then asked if I could borrow a pair of pajamas.

If we ever have kids of our own, this is definitely a tradition we’ll be carrying on!

If you’re looking to buy pajamas for you or a loved one this year, here are my go-to shops:

LOFT – of course!
Old Navy always has cute, reasonably priced ones.
Target is always a good bet, always check the clearance racks!
Victoria’s Secret has cozy ones, I love the pink with black polka dots.

And if you’re looking to make a difference with your purchase, be sure to check out Punjammies by International Princess Project!  They are gorgeous pajamas created by women who were once living lives of forced prostitution in India.  Your purchase helps give these women a fair trade wage as well as supports the after-care facility which cares for these women medically, emotionally, and educationally as they recover from their past experiences and make a new life for themselves.  I couldn’t think of a better gift to give!


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