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*** Update: Exciting news from The Little Door ***

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GREAT BIG HUGE AWESOME News Alert! This year I'm getting the biggest and best Christmas present EVER! Imagine this farm field will be turning into our cedar tree lined driveway that will lead you back to our new reclaimed wood whitewashed barn store that will be the new and permanent home of The Little Door! And what is super exciting for us…is that the new location will be on our family farm off of 65th (just down the street from our current location on Stafford but before Lee's Farm…literally 1–2 minutes from where we are right now). So not only will you get to come out and shop for all of the goodies you are used to…but you can also say hi to our cows, visit our gardens and enjoy the rolling hills and views of our farm land💚. So here is the plan…The Little Door will be closing at the current location on January 10th in order to start turning our focus to the constructing of our new and wonderful location and barn…for a proposed Grand Re-Opening date of March 1 at our new location! We have a lot of work to do in a short time…but we can't wait and are soooo excited!!! Our current and wonderful business partner, Jeanie Braun ❤️ of Stafford Farms & Vintage) will be taking this opportunity to switch focus to her family and their construction company. So she will be closing her store on January 10th as well, but on a permanent level. A decision I know that was extremely difficult for her to make and I know we will all miss her and Stafford Farms & Vintage. We have benefited immensely from her business partnership and I have gained a wonderful friend in the process!!! Now…with all of that said…please let us know if you have any questions or comments. We want to hear from you about any cool ideas you may have, fun comments or your shared excitement for the new venture (which by the way…we can't wait for you to be a part of…our customers mean the world to us!!!) So we have decided to keep our sale running until our close date of January 10th…so if there is anything you have had your eye on…now's the time to come and get it!!! Or just stop in to say Hi…we'd love to see you! XOXOXO, Angela😘

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If you’ve ever driven down Stafford Road through Wilsonville you may have seen this cute little shop with two names – Stafford Farms & Vintage, and The Little Door.  It’s part of the Farmlandia Farm Loop and I’d driven by it plenty of times but finally stopped in just last month and I’ll definitely be back.


So why does it have two names?  It’s because two friends partnered up and joined their stores.  How fun does that sound?!  Jeanie Bruan has Stafford Farms & Vintage, and Angela Dickson joined in 2014 with The Little Door, and it resulted in the cutest little home décor / vintage / antique / garden accessories store.



IMG_3308 IMG_3310



There’s so much great stuff, new and old, with a variety of styles like Boho Vintage, Romantic Beach Cottage, French Country, Shabby Chic, and Rustic Elegance.  My style is something like log-cabin-industrial-minimalist-french-country (is that a thing?), and I found plenty of things I liked!  I am admittedly not up on my antique pricing knowledge, but when I checked out the tags on some larger items I expected them to be much higher.

I absolutely loved how it was decorated and set up.  It’s a small space but there was so much to see.  I’ve noticed that antique type shops like this can be hard to peruse because there’s just so much stuff and often there’s no rhyme or reason as to how things are organized, but this place does a great job of organizing and it feels like everything was purposefully placed with thought and care.








I met Jeanie the day I was there and she was so nice and fun to chat with.  Good thing I had my OSU hat on because they are a Beaver family.  Don’t let that deter you if you’re a Duck, good home décor crosses all barriers, haha!

If this type of place is your thing, check out the Farm Girls Roadshow they’re part of this weekend, it’s a progressive shopping event in the West Linn/Lake Oswego/Wilsonville area – sounds really fun!

Want to check out the shop for yourself?  Here’s more info:

26015 SW Stafford Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(about 1.5 miles east off I-5 exit 286)

Mon-Sat, 11-4
Sun, 12-4

Stafford Farms & Vintage
Website / Facebook / Instagram

The Little Door
Facebook / Instagram

This post is not sponsored in any way, I’m just sharing a fun local place I really like!  Jeanie might remember me so if you stop by tell you heard about them here :)



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