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I’m Having a Love Affair

With Rosemary.

Rosemary Clooney?

No.  Well, yes.  I mean, it’s December, aren’t we all a little moon-eyed for her?

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I’m talking about the herb though, that beautiful buttery Rosmarinus Officinalis.  Did you know it’s actually part of the mint family?  Wikipedia told me so.  Apparently it’s also a symbol of remembrance and love.  Now I like it even more.

I’ve always loved it, but a co-worker brought it in to work this week – one of those small bushes they shape like a Christmas tree – and I just can’t get enough.  I went out that same day and bought one for myself.  It smelled so good in the car that I broke off a sprig and stuck it in the vent.  Why have I never thought of doing that before?

I also maaaay have rubbed it on my wrists like perfume.  Is that weird?  Nevermind, don’t wanna know.

To feed this escalating obsession, I made Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast the other night for dinner which just so happens to call for rosemary.  Our little apartment smelled amazing!

Living in an apartment building, there are some evenings that we come home and when the elevator doors open to our floor we’re knocked over by the drool-inducing aroma of someone’s dinner.  It’s extremely difficult not to sniff our way down the hall to figure out where it’s coming from and then knock on the door to invite ourselves in.  Well, that drool-inducing aroma was coming from our place for once, confirmed by Mr. Won’t Run who walked in the door and said “HAVE YOU SMELLED THE HALLWAY?!!”.  I earned bonus wife points for dinner that night.

I’ve actually considered giving in to my sniff/knock/eat fantasy, I mean, how big of a compliment would it be to have someone knock on your door because your food smells so good, right?  Unless you’re a single girl, then it might be a little scary, even if the dude is good-looking.  That might be a meet cute in a Hallmark movie, but in real life it’s asking to be murdered.  At least invite the guy back (talking through the door of course) at a later date when you can plan to have your friend hiding in the closet with mace for backup.

I know, my mind is a strange place, I’m blaming the rosemary high.

rosemary centerpiece
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Do you have an herb you’re obsessed with?  Obsessed like a cat is obessed with catnip?  Share your crazy so I know I’m not alone.  Please.

Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30-something wife, doggy-mama, beginner runner (still), wannabe cook, and 9-5 cubicle farm worker, just trying to enjoy life in beautiful Portland, OR!


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