I don’t know what it is about starting a new year but I love the feeling of endless possibilities ahead.  But why does that only happen with a new year?  Why not a new month or a new week, or even each new day?

I’ve stopped making resolutions.  They always seem to be the same thing – eat better, exercise more, save more, go to bed earlier, be a better wife/daughter/friend/coworker/etc.  I know some people like to pick a specific word, but if I did that my word would be cheese.  More of it.  On everything.  Just cheese.

So, I think I might do monthly goals and see how it goes.  The first few will probably be the same every month, but others will change throughout the year to keep it interesting.

So, what do I hope to accomplish in January?

  1. Run at least three times a week.
  2. Do some other form of exercise three times a week (Jillian, Tone It Up, TotalGym, CoreBody,.. I have too many tools readily available to make excuses).
  3. Drink a minimum of 80 ounces of water a day.
  4. At least two blog posts per week.
  5. Clean out my purse!  It’s tiny so you’d think it would be hard to accumulate junk, but you’d be wrong.  I should do this at the beginning of every month.
  6. Send out our Christmas New Year’s Happy January letters.
  7. Go snowshoeing!!  Maybe even at midnight, although I may need to do it in daylight the first time since I’ve never been.
  8. Clean off my desk so I can’t use the clutter as an excuse to not blog.
  9. Finally file all the miscellaneous papers that have been piling up.
  10. Break out the Vegetable Slicer (Spiralizer) that I bought three years ago!  Thanks to this newly discovered blog – INSPIRALIZED – I just want to make veggie noodles out of everything!  I figure this will be a fun way to incorporate some more veggies into the whole “eat healthier” thing, and my goal is at least one recipe a week with some sort of fruit or veggie noodles.  In the last 24 hours I’ve already made three different things, so I don’t think this goal will be a problem.  Wanna play along?  You can order one for yourself on Amazon here (affiliate link).

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

What are YOUR goals for this year?  Did you make a list or pick a word?



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    I’m doing something similar… I’m making a small weekly resolution. I figure that way I will have a lot of small successes to celebrate… and if I fail, well, there’s always next week!

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    Great list! And you must be so fit! Ha. I have several goals for this year, for lots of different aspects of my life. But, we’ll see how I meet them or not.


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