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Foodie Pen Pals – Oct 2012

I am so very behind on blogging!  I wasn’t feeling well and have just been in a general funk and not keeping up on things like I should, which is why I’m posting about last month’s Foodie Pen Pals more than a week late, ack!!

I got to “meet” two new people again this month because you don’t send to and receive from the same person.  I got to send to Melissa who blogs at Dancing for Food, you can read about what I sent her here.  And I got to receive from Kate in California.  That’s the other fun thing about FPP, you don’t need to be a blogger to join in.

I exchanged emails with each pen pal beforehand to talk about foodie things we like, dislike, are allergic to, etc., and Kate did an awesome job picking stuff out!  I told her I would love some local treats if she has some favorite products and she hit up the farmer’s market for her favorite Mediterranean pastries and honey sticks!


These are date cookies which I had never eaten before and I was a little apprehensive as my experience with dates is pretty limited and I don’t always like them, but these were so good.  If I’m being honest, I basically had them for dinner the night I got the package.


And baklava!!! (for dessert that night)


I loved the curled ribbon, it was a cute touch.


Larabars and Raw Revolution bars, two of her favorite brands for on-the-go snacks and I enjoy both of them as well.


And honey sticks from Bare Bees Honey (started by a history teacher) in some crazy flavors: sage, apple, fireweed, chocolate, peach, orange, star thistle, and cinnamon.


And check our her awesome handwriting, I love it!  I told her she should do the Kevin & Amanda thing where they’ll turn your handwriting into a font for free!  They also have a ton of free scrapbooking fonts if you’re into that.


And the neatest part was a recipe for Oatmeal Ice Box cookies from her great-great-grandmother who is 107!

And there you have it!  Looks fun doesn’t it?  If you want to join in you can check it out here.  The hardest part is the $15 limit.  Oregon has so much fun stuff to offer I could really go overboard!

So what do you think?  Is FPP something you would ever participate in?

Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30-something wife, doggy-mama, beginner runner (still), wannabe cook, and 9-5 cubicle farm worker, just trying to enjoy life in beautiful Portland, OR!


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