Flush It

Well, this month hasn’t gone the way I had planned.

I started out so gung-ho, ready to OWN the month and accomplish some goals, and I was doing pretty well.  Until the 8th when sinus issues decided to OWN me.

I was useless the next four days and just this week am finally starting to feel mostly normal.

Ever since allergy season this past Spring/Summer, I’ve had constant sinus and ear pressure.  It’s not usually painful, it’s just sitting there in the background, but occasionally it flares up and then I’m in trouble.  It hits my ears especially hard and causes the type of dizziness where you can’t walk a straight line no matter how hard you try.  Yeah, that’s fun.  It usually resolves itself back down to my new “normal” amount of sinus pressure, but I knew that wasn’t really normal so with this last flare up I finally went and saw a Doctor.

We have a new holistic health clinic ridiculously close by so I scheduled an appointment with their Naturopathic Doctor and she got me on all sorts of immune boosting stuff to help with the acute issue and within 48 hours there was a ton of improvement.  We’ll be meeting again soon to see how things are going and figure out how to kick this issue out for good.  I’m really happy with this ND and have been wanting to find one for a while so I’m glad I clicked with her.

One of the things she wanted me to do was a sinus flush/rinse, and I just so happened to have a NeilMed Sinus Rinse that had been sitting in the bathroom cabinet for a year or two. It’s a little different than a Neti Pot in that it uses pressure (you squeezing slowly on the bottle) to push the water through your sinuses instead of gravity just drawing the water down. Both are great options and it’s totally my new favorite thing!

Like I told the ND, my nose had not been stuffy or runny at all, and I really didn’t expect the sinus rinse to do much, but I was amazed at how well I was nose-breathing afterwards.  I didn’t think I was having issues before, but to feel the open and clearness afterwards was crazy!  I definitely plan to continue doing this, probably cutting back to two or three times a week instead of everyday, and I can’t wait to see if it helps tame the allergies this season.

I am finally feeling back to normal and excited to get back to running again!  I went on Saturday for the first time in almost two weeks, then again on Monday and Wednesday so hopefully I’m on a roll.  I’m taking it slow and adding just a little more distance each time and am currently running 1.2 miles.  I am considering signing up for the 5k at the Shamrock Run, anybody want to join me?

Run01 Run02 Run03

How’s YOUR January going?  Are you owning it or is it owning you?



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