FitBloggin’ 13 – Day 2 (of 4)

Day 2 of FitBloggin’ started really early for me, but it was for a baby shower at work!  I was heading up the planning and didn’t pay attention to the date when I bought my FitBloggin’ ticket, but it worked out since I was more excited about Saturday morning’s FitBloggin’ workout options than Friday’s so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.  And these are two great girls I’m happy to call friends so I didn’t want to miss it.  They might kill me for posting this picture, but how stinking cute are they??!!

IMG_2064  IMG_1824

I got to the conference around 9am and immediately ran into Lindsay (Running With Tongs – a local blogger I had yet to meet in person) and Martha (Radiant Living – also local, one of the gals I speed-dated the night before).  We all headed to the 9:30 session called “Motivating Your Community To Choose Healthy Lifestyles” which was led by Andrea Wenzel (A Doctor in the House).  It was a Small Group Discussion so there was a lot of audience participation and a lot of good ideas were shared.  You can read a full recap here.

We split up after that and I headed to a Demo session from 11-12 called “How Total Gym can Change Your Life”.  Yep, the one and only Total Gym, the one I’ve wanted ever since I saw the first infomercial ages ago.  Sadly, Chuck Norris could not attend the conference, but how awesome would that have been?!!  It was really fun to see it in person and try it out and it just made me want it even more.  So… it should be arriving in a couple of weeks!  Stay tuned for more info on that, I told Mr. Won’t Run that I’m going to look like Christie Brinkley in no time, haha!

IMG_2075  IMG_2082

Next up was lunch but first I had to track down a package that had been delivered to me at The Nines.  A few weeks ago I discovered Action Wipes which are “full body wet wipes for when you can’t shower” and I thought that sounded perfect for FitBloggin’.  The only problem is that I couldn’t find them anywhere.  So, I got on Twitter and asked if they were carried anywhere locally and I mentioned how great they would be for FitBloggin’,

The company shocked me by offering to overnight a box to the hotel so I could try them and share with other attendees who were in the same no-shower-but-I-need-to-freshen-up situation.  I had so much fun handing them out and of course tried them myself and think they’re great, especially the ingredients.  I’ll have a full post about them soon to tell you more!  No, I don’t sell them or work for the company, I just think they’re awesome and like sharing awesome stuff!


After I got the package I headed to grab some lunch which was a nice spread of fruit salad, macaroni salad, and sandwich fixings which some turned into salad fixings.  I got to lunch late and the tables were packed so I just stood in the back.  My nerves got the best of me and I didn’t want to try and maneuver my way through the tables with my bag and my food to find a seat.  Thankfully Sam (Life is Bangin’) showed up and we stood in the back together.  There was also a fun fashion show that I didn’t get any photos of because I was eating while standing and I only have two hands.  I’m not that coordinated.


After lunch it was a two hour Workshop called “Writing the Perfect Pitch” which was run by Kymberly Williams-Evans & Alexandra Williams (the twin sisters of Fun and Fit), Jamie Walker (founder of FitApproach & SweatGuru), and Margo Donohue (Brooklyn Fit Chick).  Lots of good info and you can read a full recap here.

Next was a snack break sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds that I somehow missed.  I’m not sure where in the world I was and the photo-timeline on my phone isn’t jogging my memory!

Next was an hour long session called “Optimizing Your Post-Game Nutrition” which was presented by Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, MA, RD (yes, her last name is Bazilian which is the coolest thing ever!).  She was there with Refuel (Got Chocolate Milk) so it was all about chocolate milk and how research is finding it to be an amazing sports recovery drink since it already has that golden 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein, along with some other great stuff.  You can read a full recap here.


In that session I met Alyssa (one of the two sisters at Double Chin Diary) and Erin (Living Made Healthy) who happens to be newly pregnant – yay!

The last hour long session of the day was “Turning your blog into a business: Key to Monetizing Your Work” presented by Laura Yamin and Sarah Beeskow of ShareASale.  This was a great class for me because I am affiliated with a few companies now through ShareASale and there is so much I didn’t even know that I could do with it so I’m excited to play around with it some more.  You can read a full recap here.

After the last session there was an hour to kill before the evening festivities at 7pm and of course my phone battery was very close to dead.  Amana was sponsoring a recharge suite but they were already closed down, however, I ran into Craig who was one of the guys running the suite and he was killing some time as well and let me borrow his charger and we had a great chat while I got my phone up to 40%.

The evening event was called Ignite Fitness and it was sponsored by Attune Foods & Driscoll’s Berries with a yogurt Parfait Bar!  The parfait was delicious and such a fun idea – mine was like a soda pop graveyard drink, it had a little bit of everything in it:


Fruit, chocolate, coconut, honey, cereal, and a little yogurt in there somewhere!

The speakers for Ignite Fitness were fifteen bloggers who had five minutes each to share whatever they wanted with a slideshow presentation.  It could be about their journey or their fitness philosophies, really whatever they wanted, but it was all about motivating (igniting) others.  You can see the video here.

I hung out with Sam again and we both left before the Karaoke started but I heard it was a lot of fun!  Sam had plans with her boyfriend who came to Portland with her, and I was dead tired after getting up at 5am which is not my usual so it was a long day.

Oh, want to see what I wore for Day 2?  It’s another bathroom iPhone pic, but here you go… denim shirt from Old Navy (is that called chambray??) with a black tank underneath, black & white striped skirt from Target, black flats.  I had just dried my hands and am still holding the paper towel – I’m all about classy selfies, haha!


Can you believe we’re only through the Day 2 recap?  So much was packed in to four days!

(Additional recaps: Day 1, Day 3, Day 4)



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