It’s Christmas Adam!

Have you heard of Christmas Adam?  Is this a new thing?  Is it a regional thing?

I had never heard of it until today when I saw this photo on Instagram from Under the Sycamore:

If you aren’t following this adorable family, you should be – they will bless your soul!

Christmas Adam… December 23rd… get it?  Comes before Christmas Eve, haha!

And how do you celebrate it?  By camping out inside with the whole family under the Christmas tree!  What a fun tradition and a great way to extend the celebrating and the Christmas magic.  If we ever have kids we’re totally doing this!

I guess Mr. Won’t Run and I could do it ourselves, but seeing as how all we have is a wreath with some battery operated lights it doesn’t sound quite as fun, and in our studio setup we can see it from bed.  We basically “camp out” in our living room every night already, but maybe I’ll keep those Christmas wreath lights on tonight just for fun!

Merry Christmas Adam!

christmas-adam-will-run-for-pasta christmas-adam-will-run-for-pasta christmas-adam-will-run-for-pasta

Do YOU celebrate Christmas Adam?  Had you even heard about it before now?




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    I hadn’t heard about it until you posted on twitter! I am officially going to use that term all of the time. We usually have to take turns with visiting the families so it will help us give a name to a day that we are usually with one set of our relatives!

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