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Thanks to an email from the nice wine people at Snooth, I got to go to the Kettle Brand Pro vs Joes Cook-Off Happy Hour being held at a great venue, Loft on Belmont.  How fun does that sound?

Kettle Brand has been running a Pros vs Joes style competition where recipes featuring their products are submitted and then people could vote for their favorites.  It was recently narrowed down to eight finalists, and Snooth put events in New York and Portland for people to taste the finalists.

Well, the finalists’ recipes, not the actual finalists, that would be weird.


I figured I wouldn’t be going to this very fun sounding event since Mr. Won’t Run couldn’t 100% commit with his work schedule, and I’m too shy to go alone, but then I saw some fellow Portland Bloggers talking about it on Twitter and I was in!  Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to attend events like this by myself.

After I RSVP’d I was asked if I wanted to be one of the judges!  Fun!!!  But, I had to decline the offer 🙁  I had a feeling I’d be late getting there with Portland traffic and if anything came up where I wasn’t able to go at all I’d feel terrible about leaving them in the lurch.  Turns out the event was a half hour later than the invite said and I was there in plenty of time.  Oh well!


Jenni and Bee were judging and I was hanging out with them so it was fun to hear their critiques.  We got to taste four hors d’oeuvres created by The Pros (professional chefs), and four created by The Joes (fans of Kettle Brand chips).  Jenni and Bee are both way better in the kitchen than I am so they made great judges, I would have been like “yep, that tastes good” for all of them, haha!

You know you’re at an event with bloggers when… Bee and Ashley snapping pics.

Oh, and there was an open bar, so… you know.  I went crazy and had a glass of white wine, then even crazier and got a tonic water. WITH LIME!!  Yep, I’m that crazy, you had no idea.

Here are the eight recipes (I could only find recipe links for four of them):

Kettle Brand Cheddar Beer Crusted Smoked Pork Loin


Kettle Brand Potato Chip Crusted Quiche


Squash and Zucchini Terrine with Baked Ricotta Cheese (somehow I missed this one)

Kettle Brand Crispy Ranch Eggplant Dippers


Tabasco Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Kettle Brand Buffalo Bleu Chip Crust, Creamy Coleslaw Black Pepper and Red Onion.


Tom Yum Marinated Shrimp, grilled and served with a White Miso and Coriander Aioli and Lemon Balm


Kettle Brand Spicy-Mochico Chicken


Chips “loaded” with Candied Bacon, Sour Cream, Chive, Eggplant and Sharp Cheese


There was also a ninth bonus recipe that I think was created by the editor of Snooth, so it wasn’t really an official entry but it was so good!!  It was a Jalapeno Jack chip with a roasted corn custard and basil, some avocado, and I’m pretty sure some lime too but the name and recipe were not printed anywhere so I’m not positive.  This was a crowd favorite!


If you want some more Kettle Brand Chip recipe ideas, check out the other entries here.  Chip flavors are listed on the left so just choose the one you want to cook with.  Ooh, or bake with, I wonder if anyone came up with some Maple Bacon cookies?

Hey, what do you know, they did!

Have you ever used chips for more than dipping?  I’m thinking of using Kettle Brand’s Salt & Vinegar chips to make these chip crusted fish sandwiches!

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