Cheese & Yoga

G is for Grilled Cheese

Thanks to Food Network, I just found out it’s GRILLED CHEESE MONTH!!

Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese?

Well, probably the lactose intolerant.

Can I just say that I am so glad I don’t suffer from food allergies and intolerances!  At least none that I know of.  Seems like everyone I know has an issue with something.  Those of us that don’t are like the foodie version of the 1%, ha!

Don’t get me wrong, I know how lucky I am and I am very thankful!  Cheese would be one of the hardest things for me to give up.

In honor of Grilled Cheese Month, we may have to finally try The Grilled Cheese Grill in Portland.  There is the Double Decker Bus location, a School Bus location, or a Pod Cart – I think we should hit all three!  Undercover quality control.

So if you’re in the mood to grill up some cheese, you can find some great recipes at Food Network, Cooking Light, and if you want some outside-the-cheese ideas, Jessica over at How Sweet Eats is my go-to girl for drool-worthy sandwiches (drool-worthy everything, actually):

Crockpot Pulled Pork Beer Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Balsamic Brussels Sprouts Grilled Cheese
Caramel Apple Grilled Cheese
Peach Bacon Gouda Grilled Cheese Sliders on Pretzel Bread
Grilled Fontina Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches
Roasted Tomato Caprese Grilled Cheese
Roasted Strawberry Brie Chocolate Grilled Cheese

I mean, come on, this is just craziness:

(photo via How Sweet Eats – Grilled Fontina Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwich)

And speaking of grilled cheese…

G is for the Gym

We joined a new one a few weeks ago.  Haven’t gone yet.

However, after seeing Christina’s (Dessert for Two) “yoga arms” I’m going to Yoga class tonight.  Vanity is a great motivator.

Someone should put THAT on a someecard!

We belonged to this gym a few years ago when we lived in the area but we didn’t go much and then moved farther away so it wasn’t convenient.  But now we’re close again and it’s the only one in the area with an indoor pool that is open year-round for lap swimming which is Mr. Won’t Run’s exercise of choice.

He likes to go in the morning when they open.  That means BE THERE when they open.

At 5-freakin-a.m.

There is a Core class a couple mornings that early but it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever make it.  The only thing that will get me out of bed before 5am is leaving for a fun trip, or a fire.

In that order.

So, evening classes it is.

Part of my problem is that I hate going by myself.  I know that nobody is looking at me and judging my fitness level, or lack of, and I’m not judging anyone else either, but I get totally self-conscious and nervous.  Like right now, total butterflies in my stomach.  Such a dork.

I worry that I’m going to use the machine wrong, fall on my face, and end up breaking my ankle.  Then people will have to come help me, I’ll have to take off my sock, my shoe, and lift my pant leg and then they’ll notice I’m way overdue for a pedicure.  And a leg shave.

Mr. Won’t Run is a lucky man.

So, I came home from work, painted my toes, and off to Yoga I go.

Check back tomorrow to see if I broke anything.

Do you have a favorite grilled cheese combo?  How do you feel about going to the gym on your own?  Please leave a comment and let me know I’m not the only one who suffers from AOGN (acute onset gym nervousness), haha!


Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30-something wife, doggy-mama, beginner runner (still), wannabe cook, and 9-5 cubicle farm worker, just trying to enjoy life in beautiful Portland, OR!

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  1. I was nervous when we first went to our new gym a couple weeks ago. I’ve been a bunhead my whole life and I run outside, so gym machines? What are those? Haha! But now I’m ok. Just took a few times to get the hang of it.

  2. What?! How in the world did I not realize it is grilled cheese month?! I haven’t even been celebrating…I will have to start making up for some lost time. 🙂

  3. stop it! i didn’t need another excuse to love grilled cheese even more!!!!! yes please.

  4. Grilled cheese has to be the best food ever invented. I mean come on; bread and cheese? How can you go wrong with that?

  5. Brooke says:

    My Favorite Grilled cheese combo is one that Mark makes; Provolone Cheese, Canadian bacon and Pineapple on Dave’s Killer Good Seed Bread. I think it makes it all that much tastier because he makes it!
    The Roasted Tomato Caprese Grilled Cheese you listed up there looks right up my alley too! YUM to Grilled Cheese Month!

  6. Carrie says:

    We like grilled cheese with some sandwich meat on it. Yummy!

    I prefer going to the gym with a friend too – it makes it more motivating (plus, someone is counting on ME to be there too!) but I’ve gone on my own before too. I think gyms can have SUCH different cultures and so you have to find one you’re comfortable with. I try to just focus on what I’m doing. If I’m confident, then I’ll (fool everyone and) look confident. Ultimately, you can’t get in shape without actually DOING something!

    And I agree….NOT going at 5:00 a.m!!!

  7. JoJo says:

    You’re in Portland, OR? I love that city! And I love grilled cheese, esp. when I use Swiss instead of American. Yum.

  8. LOVE GRILL CHEESE and I am one of the those who has something. Don’t we all have something these days 😉 But there is always great alternatives for substituting, thank goodness. My favorite is grill cheese with banana peppers on the inside and garlic butter on the outside. YUMMMY. Thanks for the share! And Happy a to z 😀

  9. I love grilled cheese sandwiches but wouldn’t want to eat more than two slices of bread.

  10. I never really thought there was more than one way to make a grilled cheese, now I want to try something delicious!

    Just stopping by from a-z. 🙂

  11. Whit @ whit likes fit says:

    So I’m the opposite. I actually prefer going to the gym by myself. When I go with other people I always end up chatting too much and not getting in a good enough workout. However I have repeatedly been told I look unhappy/unapproachable at the gym. I think I have my “focused” face on which translates the wrong way.

    Oh and my fave grilled cheese is the En Fuego at Journeys in Multnomah Village. Like the name sounds its grilled cheese with spicy peppers.

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