Another week, another CSA!

This week’s haul:

OTC-091915 (26)

– Collard Greens –
– Beet Thinnings –
– Stocky Red Roasters –
– Amarosa potatoes –

And from the #OTCgrocery:

OTC-091915 (25)

– Focaccia Pizza –
– Lettuce, Tomatoes, Fennel, Sweet Potato, ORANGE Cauliflower –
– Pluots –
– Eggs –
– Chips –
– Hand Lotion –
– Green Pepper Sauce –

That Focaccia and the pop tart are made by Roman Candle Baking Co. and both are so delicious.  Couldn’t even wait for the photo before I ate some of that pop tart!

The veggies are pretty standard and you know they’re going to get roasted, except for the cauliflower.  I’ve never seen orange cauliflower before, have you?  I’ve seen purple, but not orange.  I’m going to make some of this creamy cauliflower sauce for a healthy fettuccine alfredo – I think the orange color will make it so fun!

The Late July chips and Portland Pepper Sauce are part of a dish I’m taking to the Fall Open House & Member Potluck tomorrow – it’s a black bean and corn salsa type of thing!

OTC-091915 (9)

The lotion was an impulse buy, I love orange blossom and there was a tester and I really liked it.  Did you know Our Table has some body products too?  Soaps and lotions from Something Green:

OTC-091915 (4)

OTC-091915 (3)

They also have these cute elixirs from Sweet Honey Farmacy!  I haven’t tried them yet but my friend swears by the Grounding Elixir for helping calm the mind.

OTC-091915 (2)

PLUOTS!!  It’s just fun to say.  Very excited that apple season is upon us – YAY FALL!!

OTC-091915 (5)

I’m always blown away by the new options in the prepared food and frozen sections, I mean, check this out… pulled pork, pork enchiladas, beet salad, hummus, CUBANO SANDWICH, farm salad, romesco sauce, stuffed shells, farm salad, borscht, minestrone, meat sauce, FRESH MOZZARELLA, apple galette, and focaccia pizza.  So many options and you don’t have to waste a moment wondering about the safety or quality of the ingredients.  I love it!!

OTC-091915 (6)

OTC-091915 (7)

As for eating last week’s bounty… We thoroughly enjoyed the split pea soup!  Topped it with that Rogue Creamery smokey blue cheese and a side of Roman Candle bread of course.

OTC-091915 (32)

I also roasted up the veggies with some herbs and a couple of the apples and we ate that a few times over the week.  Cooked up the Deck Farms sausage to add to it, fried up some eggs and called it Harvest Hast.  Pretty sure we could eat some variation of this every day and be perfectly happy!

OTC-091915 (29) OTC-091915 (1)

Cooked up the bacon in the oven and used the smokey blue cheese for BLT salads which I topped with homemade ranch!  So good!!  I didn’t even sit down to eat that salad, I inhaled it standing in the kitchen while the dog stared me down for a piece of bacon.  Oh, and good news if you’re doing Whole30, this Deck Farms bacon appears to be compliant, and so is that ranch recipe, so add this BLT salad to your W30 meal plan!

OTC-091915 (33) OTC-091915 (28)

Other goodies around the store:

OTC-091915 (20) OTC-091915 (11)

OTC-091915 (12)

OTC-091915 (13)

OTC-091915 (14)

Have I mentioned yet that they have Breakside Brewery IPA, Lion Heart Kombucha, Napa Valley Naturals olive oil, and Spectrum Naturals balsamic vinegar on tap?  They do.

 OTC-091915 (18)

Can’t wait to head back over there tomorrow for the potluck, however, my mingling skills basically don’t exist.  I’m terrible at small talk and can be shy and reserved, especially in large gatherings which can come off as aloof or snobby when really I’m just way out of my comfort zone.  Anyone else feel like that?

OTC-091915 (21)

What are you excited to cook and eat this week?

(The fun legal disclosure: This September is membership month at Our Table and I’m partnering with them for a blog series sharing my co-op story and how they help me eat local.  I  am receiving a small discount on purchases I make, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  If I didn’t genuinely love this place I would not be telling you about it.  Check out all my Our Table coverage here!)

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