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A Quiet Evening to Myself… Maybe

Day 4 and I’m still posting!!  Who am I??

Mr. Won’t Run was supposed to be gone this evening for work so I had a quiet evening planned of Panera and Food Blogger Pro.  I even took Koko to doggy day camp today so she’d be tuckered out for the evening.

However, the Mr. just texted saying he was on his way home and was there anything for dinner.  Um… no.  There’s rarely anything for dinner.  Been married 7 years, he should know that by now.

I told him dinner was whatever he wanted to pick up since I had just eaten so I called in an order for him at the local Chinese restaurant.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having him home, especially when he’s been working a lot, but now if I’m glued to the computer all night (like I really want to be because I’m really excited) then I’m going to feel a little guilty.

We’ll see what happens when he gets home, he may have work of his own to do!


Terrible pictures, but that’s my 1/2 Big Kid Grilled Cheese and cup of Creamy Tomato Soup.  (Not pictured: the cookie and soda I don’t want to show you because if nobody knows then maybe they didn’t really happen… if a calorie falls in the forest…)

You will definitely be hearing more from me about Food Blogger Pro, but until then, if you haven’t heard of it you must go check it out this very minute!

Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30-something wife, doggy-mama, beginner runner (still), wannabe cook, and 9-5 cubicle farm worker, just trying to enjoy life in beautiful Portland, OR!

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  • Bonnie

    Hi, Sarah! I saw that you followed me on facebook. Did you find me through food blogger pro? I also have been setting up my food blog through Bjork’s awesome tutorials! I’m excited to look through your blog.

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