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A Peek Inside Nautilus Headquarters

When I say Nautilus, what do you think of?  My first thought was gym equipment that you would use at an actual gym.  That answer is correct, but I recently discovered that Nautilus is a lot more than that.

I was invited to a meet-and-greet for local bloggers at the Nautilus headquarters in Vancouver, WA.  How did I not know they’re basically in my backyard?  We would be able to test out their current products, learn about upcoming products, and chat with them about the latest industry trends.

I was going by myself which is always nerve-wracking, so it was great to walk in and see Kayla from Fit Life Forward who I had met a few times before at Portland Blogger events.  The next gal to walk in was Pepper from Pepper Scraps and we had just recently connected online from FitBloggin’ but had yet to meet in person so that was fun.  The other blogger there was new to me, Gentoku from Mind Fit Move, he is a personal trainer with a focus on mindfulness based fitness.

The Nautilus team was very welcoming and they had a fun spread of food and drinks, and even some swag which was totally unexpected.


We gathered in a small conference room and learned how Nautilus began, how it has changed over the years, and how they are looking to the future.  I was really impressed by the people we spoke with, it was obvious that they love their jobs.  They were passionate about fitness and getting others excited about fitness as well.  They were genuinely excited to have us there and to share with us about the company.

They have their own line of equipment (exercise bikes, ellipticals, home gyms), the most recent item being the Core Body Reformer, but they also have the following brands:

  • Bowflex – home gyms, SelectTech Dumbbell Weights, UpperCut, TreadClimber
  • Schwinn – Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Ellipticals, Airdyne Bikes
  • Universal – Dumbbells, Kettlebells, workout benches
  • Peak Fit System – A 10 DVD workout series of progressive intervals that blend cardio and strength moves.

Next, we got to see their show room and get physical with some of the equipment, this is only part of it, there was stuff on the sides I couldn’t get in… because I keep forgetting my iPhone does panorama.


I came straight from work and did not bring appropriate footwear so I chose to stay off the equipment, but Kayla was a great fitness model for the evening.

Here is Kayla, and Rob from Nautilus, demonstrating the TreadClimber which is great for those who can’t/don’t run but want to up the power of their walking while still keeping it low impact.  It’s different than just using a treadmill at an incline because you’re having to raise your leg from a lower elevation with each step.


Here’s Kayla showing off her bicep curl skills with the SelectTech dumbbell weights.  These are cool because it’s a lot of different dumbbells in one so you don’t have to have a set of each weight increment, you just adjust the dial on these and it gives you that much weight.  It takes up much less space than a full set of weights which makes it perfect for a home gym setup.


And here’s Kayla on the Core Body Reformer… the one that all us gals wanted to take home!!  It combines pilates, yoga, and dance moves for a total body workout and also incorporates some cardio moves and lots of balance work which is great for the core.  The price on this isn’t too bad either, and the weight/resistance bar comes off and slides into the main body for easy storage.  Aaaaannnnnddddddd, maybe the best part, the main body can be used as a foam roller for that hurts-so-good muscle massage afterwards.


After playing in the showroom we got to see the onsite gym for employees.  Yes, I was (am) so jealous!!  It even included healthy drink and snack options instead of junk food vending machines.

Here’s Rob demonstrating the UpperCut which is geared towards guys who really want to bulk and chisel.

IMG_2693  IMG_2694

IMG_2696  IMG_2697

It was so fun to hear about how the employees train together, and a group of them did the Tough Mudder this year and how it has generated even more interest for next year.  How fun would it be to work in a place where people were so into fitness?!!  And more than that, so into training together and encouraging and motivating one another.  So fun!!

Again, I’m so jealous!

We went back to the showroom after checking out the gym and ended up talking fitness for a while.  The event went a lot longer than anyone thought it would because we were all so excited to ask and share and learn.  I think we could have chatted for hours longer.

I am excited to partner with Nautilus in the future, and I will have something fun from them to share on the blog in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Sorry, I know the bogger tease can be so annoying!

Do you have any of the products mentioned above?  Which ones look the most interesting?  The TreadClimber, CoreBodyReformer, and Peak Fit System videos are my top three.

Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30-something wife, doggy-mama, beginner runner (still), wannabe cook, and 9-5 cubicle farm worker, just trying to enjoy life in beautiful Portland, OR!


  • Becky @ So Very Blessed

    I am so jealous! What an awesome insider’s look into the company! You’re right, when I think of Nautilus, I think of gym equipment, but not usually home gym equipment. I’ve seen the TreadClimber commercials and would love to try it, but the SelectTech dumbbells sound incredible! I use hand weights a lot and I need to buy the next weights up, but they definitely take up a lot of room!

  • Brooke

    The Body Core Reformer looks amazing! I want one too! Nautilus looks like a really amazing company! Who knew they did so much! Thanks for all the great info!

  • Pepper

    It was so good to meet you in person! This is such a great breakdown of the event. I learned a lot about Nautilus, but what I found the most interesting was how they really try and reach out to their customers. They want a relationship after the sale, they really want to help people reach their goals.

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