Couch to 5k – Week 2

Week 2 is done!

Three runs which were all the same, a 29 minute workout each:

5 min walk / 90 sec run / 2 min walk / 90 sec run / 2 min walk / 90 sec run

2 min walk / 90 sec run / 2 min walk / 90 sec run / 2 min walk / 90 sec run / 5 min walk

These were the intervals I was used to doing before I started C25K which is why I was tempted to skip ahead to week three but I’m glad I didn’t.  I wouldn’t say it was easy by any means but I knew it wasn’t quite pushing my limits either so I’m excited to start week three which combines some of the 90 second runs into 3 minutes.  Eek!  It’s the same 9 minutes of total running as in week two but I’m still a little nervous about it.  I love how this program gradually works you up.

On another note, streamlining into one blog has made me look around and see what else needs a fresh look.  Mr. Won’t Run would have you believe that I’m a hoarder but I promise I’m not, I’m just a pile-upper.  That’s totally different!

So, I’m taking baby steps and started with my nightstand.


The only thing I’ve touched in the last six months in that before picture is the water and the Greenies for Koko.  So, I whittled down the books to the ones I want to read next and put the rest on the actual bookshelf in the living room and some in the Goodwill box, I also plugged the lamp in so I can actually use it.  Kept my iPad there as well as the charging cord, and the greenies are still on the floor to the right, have to keep those accessible for Puffer’s nighttime teeth-cleaning treat.

A closer look at the books:


  • The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
    I’m a little nervous to read this one now that I’m a dog-parent, I have a feeling I’ll end up crying my eyes out.
  • Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare
    I’ll take young adult fiction over regular any day, especially the Sci-Fi / Fantasy genres, much more fun and escapist.  I heard City of Bones the movie is coming out next year and I like to read the book first if I can.
  • Naked Heat by Richard Castle
    This is kind of a funny one and I only got it because I love the ABC show Castle.  Nathan Fillion plays an author named Richard Castle who tags along with a Detective for inspiration.  Apparently they books he talks about writing on the show they turned into actual books.  Somehow I missed the first one though so I’ll have to find that.
  • Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson
    A co-worker had this in my garage sale and some older women were talking about buying it but when they found out I hadn’t read it they insisted I keep it.  I started it a while back and found the authors story really interesting even though a huge book of how to keep your house clean and orderly makes me feel totally inadequate.

Next project will have to be the desk:


Maybe I am a little bit of a hoarder.

Couch to 5K. Again.

Re-starting it for the 5Kth time!

There is just enough time to get through the C25K program before the Red Faced Runners 5K Challenge in September so I completed Week 1 / Run 1 last night.

For those who don’t know, the program consists of interval walking/running routines over the course of 9 weeks, 3 runs per week.  It gradually adds longer running periods until you’re running the full 5K distance by the end.

For those who don’t speak Metric, allow me to enlighten you:

(just one sec, I gotta Google… okay, here we go)

5K = 5 Kilometers = 5,000 Meters = 3.1 Miles

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

(Please tell me you get that reference?  A real American hero?  Anyone?  I feel old.)

You’re supposed to rest a day between runs but I went ahead and did Week 1 / Run 2 tonight.  I hadn’t planned on doing it until tomorrow, but after taking Koko for a walk my body just wanted to run.  Does that happen to anyone else?  I love that feeling.

I’ve been doing running/walking intervals for the past month or so and really enjoy them.  I have found it to be a good way to ease into running and I think it has helped build my lung capacity as well, I’m not having to stop just because I can’t breathe.

I will admit, I was feeling a little cocky about my running abilities.  I thought about skipping Week 1 of C25K and jumping ahead to Week 2 or 3.  Week 1 is intervals of 60 second runs and I’ve been doing 90 second runs so I worried that cutting back to 60 seconds would be too easy.

How wrong I was!

Week 1 is definitely still a workout and I was dripping sweat tonight!

I also started to feel like I was dripping in doubt.  I was a little stiff on tonight’s run and my mind started questioning.  What the heck am I doing?  Who did I think I am?  Run a 5K in September?  This September!  There’s no way.  I’m not a runner.  Why did I commit to this?  I hate committing to things.  What if I fail?  What if I succeed?

Then I remembered Cindy’s post on training and gave myself a mental slap.

This is exactly what she said would happen:

“You will have doubts and you may want to quit. Often.”

Yep, that’s me and it’s only day 2!  And then I remembered this little Gem:

 “If you run, you are a runner. Period.”

Yeah, you know what?  I am a runner.  I just ran for a minute.

And then did it seven more times!

Right then and there, on that apartment gym treadmill, I decided that those doubts could hitch a ride on the beads of sweat running down my forehead.  How dare they tell me I can’t do the very thing I am in the process of doing!  What the heck do they know?  If they’re not going to say anything nice, then I’m kicking them out!

I’m expelling them from my body and not looking back.

Getting my sweat on at the gym now includes getting my doubt off.

Sweating it out on the treadmill now includes doubting it out.

Sweating out the doubt.

I like that.

Sing it to the tune of “Burning Down the House” and I like it even better.