B is for Bazinga!

And Bridget!  And Bake @ 350!

The super sweet and adorable Bridget from Bake @ 350, who I “met” through Red Faced Runners, got to make cookies for Sheldon Cooper’s Jim Parson’s 40th Birthday celebration!

How exciting is that?!!

I know Bridget thinks she’s the lucky one to have had the opportunity, but I think he’s the lucky one because he got to EAT them!!!  I’d kill for some of Bridget’s cookies!

B is for Blue Skies in Spring

I’m stealing this idea of combining multiple monthly challenges from Joseph W. Richardson who I discovered yesterday as part of the A to Z challenge.  The challenge organizers suggested following along with the blogs of the five people who signed up after you so that’s what I’m doing.

That way people get to know each other and are exposed to new Bloggers they may have never discovered.  Well, Joe is a fan of Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day challenge which I participate in on Instagram, and today’s photo prompt is Blue which just so happens to be something that starts with the letter B, so it’s perfect!

Snapped this lovely photo today of a Spring blue sky.  Thankfully it seems that Spring has finally Sprung here in the Portland area.  Hopefully it sticks around for a  while!


You may see me combine more A to Z days with Fat Mum Slim’s photo prompts.

Is that a cop out?  I’ll just think of it as multi-tasking creativity!

Have you ever participated in a blogging or photography challenge?  Leave a comment below and tell me how it was!

Resisting A Rest

The one thing I’m NOT liking about Couch to 5K is these darn rest days!

I posted on Twitter last week about my itch to run and Dara (@CookinCanuck) totally called it when she said I have the bug!


Why yes, that’s a REAL blogger responding to a tweet from little ‘ol me, and that’s not the first time! I’m in love with Twitter but that’s a whole other post.

I was supposed to start Week 3 today and have NOT been enjoying the last two days of recommended rest so I was counting down the hours.

But then… I wake up this morning with a sore ankle.


I haven’t rolled it, twisted it, or tripped over anything and it felt fine on my last run so I’m not sure what’s up. The only culprit I can think of are these babies I wore yesterday:


That’s my best guess but I’m not totally convinced.  They’re too cute to take the blame!

I’m tempted to try my run today but I don’t want to risk further damage that could keep me off the treadmill even longer so I’m going to rest today :(

The pain isn’t getting worse but it’s not getting better either. I don’t feel pain unless I walk on it but I can still put my full weight on it.  It’s a sharp(ish) pain around my ankle bone, is there a muscle or ligament or tendon around that thing?

Whatever it is, it needs to sort itself out!

For all my anti-rest talk, I do realize how important it is.  In Cindy’s great post about training she talks about believing in the run as well as believing in the rest.  Those rest days are when our bodies recover and repair so that we’ll be able to give even more on our next run.  It feels counterproductive, but in the long run it will get you farther.

After this ankle thing I’ll be SUPER rested so I’m going to burn that treadmill up!

So tell me, how do YOU curb the run craving when you’re totally jonesing?

Red Faced Runners 5K Challenge

You don’t have to know me very long to know that I love food blogs.

So… remember in my last post how I felt like everything was lining up and it was a sign that Will Run for Pasta was the path I am supposed to be on?  Well, last night I discovered the newly launched Red Faced Runners.  And guess who started RFR?

Food bloggers, that’s who!

Eleven of them to be exact, led by the Cookin’ Canuck herself, Dara Michalski.

They recently joined forces {powered by their Wonder Woman knee-highs} to motivate their readers to a healthier, more active lifestyle and people are jumping onboard – including me!  RFR is challenging people to join in a virtual 5K.  By that they mean that for the next nine weeks we’re all training as needed (there is a couck-to-5k type of training schedule here) and then you find a local race to take part in the weekend of September 8th/9th.

How fun does that sound?!  It’s exactly what I needed right now to motivate me to keep up with my running and take it to the next level.  We’re only talking about moving from level 1 to level 2, but progress is progress, right? 😀

One of the contributors to RFR is Cindy from Once Upon a Loaf and she is a certified running coach.  She wrote a great article on Cookin’ Canuck’s site about how to train for a 5K and one of the tips is finding a local running store that will do a gait analysis and get you in the right shoes.  So off I go to the Portland Running Company website and while I’m there checking things out I see a link to a race they’re sponsoring.

Guess what it’s called.

Go ahead, guess.

PINTS TO PASTA!!  Pasta, people, PASTA!

Are you kidding me, Pints to Pasta 10K, how perfect is that?  And apparently it has been voted “Best 10K in the Northwest” by Competitor Magazine.  But, it’s a 10K so I’d be walking half of it which is okay.  But when is it?

Guess when the race is.

Go ahead, guess.





I think I’m supposed to do this race.  How could I not?  But I don’t want to do it alone so who wants to sign up with me?  Mr. Won’t Run didn’t seem too interested :(

Let’s do this thing!

And for the record, here’s my red face.  And my eye wrinkles.

I think I need to hydrate more.