The most important rule of dog-walking in Oregon


Bring your rain coat.

Even if you don’t think you’ll need it.

Basically from Mid-September thru May.

I took Koko out recently on one of those the-weather-can’t-make-up-its-mind days and I left the coat at home. Big mistake.

We walked out and looked left – beautiful!


Then looked right – not so beautiful.


The clouds looked a little ominous but I figured we’d beat the rain before it moved in.  Basically I was too lazy to walk back up to the apartment for a jacket “just in case”.  And two seconds later the sprinkling started.

We made it almost all the way around our loop before it started to sprinkle harder.


And then a little harder, going from the sprinkle category to full on rain.


And a little harder (I wish that was a UFO and not a “something” on my phone lens!).


And then we moved from the rain category to a full on downpour / dumping / drenching.


Koko didn’t seem to mind though, she just shook it off and kept going.


Weather: 1     Sarah: 0

Lesson learned.

Weather Man Said What?

As you may know, the Pacific Northwest is known for it’s amazing weather lots of rain, so when this happens we’re not quite sure how to handle it.


For some of you, those temps are nothing.  You laugh at those “high” temps.  You get out your parka and build a bonfire when it gets that cold.  For those of us used to gray, cloudy skies, it’s a shock to the system.

Considering the fact that I was born in Arizona and spent the first eight years of my life living in a pool you would think I’d have a built-in heat shield. Apparently that’s one of those “use it or lose it” accessories and my years in the Pacific Northwest have turned me into a pansy.

I remember visiting family in Arizona for Christmas a few years after living in Washington, I think it was sunny and 65. We were in shorts and t-shirts thawing out while everyone else was bundled up and freezing!

A nice breezy 75 is about all I can handle these days, and if it’s that hot it had better cool off to 55 by evening so I can sleep. Not having a/c in our apartment doesn’t help either, so when we saw the above forecast for the weekend we decided to escape to the Coast.

The first place I called didn’t have a pet weight limit and they had an opening for Friday night so off we went.  Checked in around 9:30pm and took Koko for a quick walk on the beach before going to bed.  Up early for breakfast:


And then off for a long beach walk.  I think she liked it.



Not sure what she’s digging for but she loves it!

Took a video too but she suddenly turned boring, the last four seconds are the best.

We were done with our beach walk by 10am and the hotel checkout was at 11am.

Hmmm…  we didn’t really think this through.

We only wanted to stay one night, but now we were left with the rest of the day and nothing else to do but the beach and we were hot and sandy from that already.  There are other things to do but not with Koko and it was way too hot to leave her in the car.

So, we headed back to town.  And the heat.  We’ll do it differently next time, LOL!

Oh!  And when we were packing up the car to leave, Koko hopped in the back and I reached back in to move a toy of hers and Mr. Won’t Run brought the door down on my head.  Hello goose egg!  It was a total accident, he wasn’t trying to off me.

Or so he says.

Abe Lincoln and Inspiration

I like to walk the dog.  Most of the time.

It’s good for her, it’s good for me, and on occasion it’s good for my wallet.


I wasn’t really feeling the walk tonight but of course it has to be done, and usually the reward is seeing Koko’s happy frolic, but tonight it paid in a more tangible way.

“Cash is king” after all!

So, confession… I just spelled paid “payed” and it seriously took me ten seconds of looking at that red underline to figure out what the heck was wrong.

It’s been one of those days.

Koko and I have our usual loop that we walk which is just about a mile and a half.  Tonight, we got to our first poop-drop-box and there was this adorableness:


I thought “oh, how cute” and was about to walk on and then decided I would take one.

Why not, right?  Couldn’t hurt.

I decided on inspiration.

I could really use some of that.

The 9-5 kinda sucks it out of you.

I’m having one of those down weeks.  Seems to happen about once a month, haha!

This ankle issue isn’t helping either.  No running = no natural endorphin pick-me-ups.

Where do YOU find inspiration?

Quinoa & Cones

As previously mentioned, I have a little thing for food blogs.  You should see my inbox.  It’s basically all blog subscriptions all the time.  I love it.

I may not be in the kitchen much these days but reading about all those amazing recipes makes me feel like I could be making them one day.

One of my usuals is Two Peas and Their Pod, written by Maria and Josh, a cute couple out of Salt Lake City.  I love that their recipes aren’t scary.  You know the type… 24 ingredients and 35 steps that takes 10 hours from start to finish.  This isn’t that type of blog at all.  Their recipes are user-friendly and the ingredients are typically pantry staples.

A perfect example is the Quinoa Fruit Salad with Honey Lime (and mint) Dressing.

I made it yesterday to take to a girl’s night with the college friends and it’s so light and refreshing; the perfect Summer dish which I will definitely be making again!

In other news, Koko went to our favorite Vet today.  We noticed on Wednesday that she kept licking at the top of her front, left paw and other than typical dog grooming she really doesn’t do that.  The licking wasn’t constant and she seemed fine otherwise, wasn’t babying the foot at all, so we took the wait-and-see approach.  Eventually we noticed what looked like a lump/sore/protrusion of some sort at the base of her nail so I called and got an appointment.

Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be anything serious.  Vet thinks she may have had a thorn or somehow got a cut and with all her licking it has swollen and can’t heal.  He gave us some powder to put on it twice a day to numb the area a bit and give her some relief but she has to wear the cone!

The only other experience we had with the cone was shortly after we got her and she broke some toes on her back, right paw.  Mr. Won’t Run couldn’t take it and he took the cone off her a few minutes after we were home.  That cone was a stiffer plastic and it extended farther so I think she’s having an easier time adjusting to this one.

Except when she runs into something, then she freezes in place and I laugh at her.

She let the PetSmart gal put it on her and only pawed at it a few times.  We even went for a walk and she seems to be accepting it, hopefully Mr. Won’t Run will too!