The Struggle is Real. Real Early.


You guys, I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I was at the gym the last two mornings at 5:00 AM!  AT the gym!  That means I was awake and out of bed BEFORE 5! A! M!

If you’ve known me for more than two minutes this should amaze you because I am the furthest thing from a morning person and I feel like that’s an understatement.  We joined a gym over the weekend (partly because we both need it physically, and partly because I need it mentally), and we decided we’d go together but the best time for us to do that is in the mornings.  The early mornings.  Early = setting my alarm for 4:40am.  Gross!

I’ve always wished I was a morning person, and those times I’ve had to be up earlier than normal it’s been nice to get up and get going, and of course early morning starts for vacation are not usually a problem because you’re up for an exciting reason, but other than that it’s a real struggle.  Even when I worked the early shift at a bakery, getting up closer to 2:30am, I never ever got used to that, not even a tiny bit! I’ve tried in the past, planning to get up early and make breakfast or work on the blog or get to Zumba class, but then my alarm goes off and I could NOT care less about breakfast or blogging or booty shaking.  I actually care a negative amount, like I’m totally pissed with the body snatcher who took over the night before and set my alarm for an ungodly hour.  So, color me surprised when it wasn’t that hard to get up this morning, even after getting to bed later than planned. I fully attribute that easiness to my new best friend, this Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation
: Have you guys heard of these wake-up lights?  They simulate the sunrise so your body wakes up more naturally and with more energy and it totally worked.  I’ve had this clock for a while now but only used it a couple of times so I’m still figuring out the settings, but the light starts coming on about a half hour before the time you set the alarm for, starting out a dark red and slowly phasing to orange then yellow then white by the end.  I set the alarm for 4:40 but I woke up earlier than that to a peaceful orange glow instead of a harsh technological melody jolting me awake.  I’m hoping the last two mornings weren’t flukes and that I wasn’t just excited to prove to Mr. Won’t Run (and myself) that I could get up that early, but that the clock really is doing what it’s supposed to.  I’ll keep you posted!

I also decided to sleep in my workout clothes to save some time, and also because I’m not positive I could wrangle a sports bra that early in the morning without strangling myself and I’d rather not end up on an episode of 1,000 Ways to Die!  Speaking of sports bras, tonight I’m attending a media event (thanks blogging!) to preview Title Nine’s 2015 Bra Fit Fest that is coming through Portland next week and then tell you guys all about it so you can RSVP if you want to go.  It’s a sports bra fitting with their “Bravangelist Experts” and I’m so excited, it feels like kismet that it’s happening just as I’m getting back into working out, and goodness knows “the girls” could use some updated support!  There will be a giveaway happening too, so stay tuned for that!  In the meantime you can check out the event on the Portland store’s Facebook page.

And stay tuned to see how long this 5am gym thing lasts.  I have high hopes but it’s a big change! #thestruggleisrealearly

Are you an early bird or a night owl?  Either way, if you’ve got tips for making early mornings easier, I’m listening!