Klamath Falls & Crater Lake


Shoot, a week since my last post!  I promise I’m not slacking, well, not totally.


We took an impromptu trip down to Klamath Falls over the weekend to check out the area and to see Crater Lake.  We’re trying to explore more of our beautiful state and neither of us had been to either place before.  It was fun to get away and see another part of Oregon.

We stayed at Running Y Ranch (pictured above) which was good and not so good.  I might post a more in depth review but haven’t decided yet.  It’s totally a clean, comfortable, and friendly place, we just felt some things could have been better.

Here’s Koko checking out the beautiful golf course view from our first floor room.


Crater Lake was as beautiful as we expected and there was still snow on the ground.  The hiking trails were still closed due to snow but that was fine because if they had been open Koko wouldn’t have been allowed on them and it was too warm to leave her in the car.  Travelling with dogs is not as easy as some would think!  When are dog friendly hotels going to figure out that they should add on a doggy day care service?!




So… my internet friend and fellow Portland Blogger, Whit from Whit Likes Fit (I have no idea what that huge space is doing there and it’s driving me nuts), educated me on a photo app so I re-did the two photos above… what do you think?  They obviously look a little edited/enhanced but I love how the colors punch you in the face!!



If you want to color punch some people too, check out the Camera+ app.  For the photos above, and per Whit’s instructions, after importing the photo I hit Edit and chose Clarify, then hit Effects and under color chose Vibrant.  This app even has a self-timer which I have totally been looking for!  No more long-armed selfies.  You’re welcome.

We’d love to go back and explore Crater Lake some more when the hiking trails are open, or even in the Winter for a snowshoeing adventure!  And we’d still love to explore the Medford / Jacksonville / Ashland area too.

Oh, and if you want to see some seriously cool pictures of Crater Lake, check out this post at Kevin and Amanda from when they came to Oregon last year.

Random question… does anyone else have love/hate feelings for the word selfies?