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    Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock

    Mr. Won’t Run has been sick for about three weeks now.  This is unheard of. He likes to say that his hearty Korean constitution keeps him from getting sick, and if he does get sick it’s obviously because my sickly…

  • RECIPES,  Will Run for Pasta

    Homemade Egg McMuffins

    Oh heyyyyy… You’re still here, that’s great! So, can it still be called a blog if the Blogger never blogs?  Or if she only blogs on other Blogger’s blogs? I can’t seem to post here lately (not that I don’t have plenty I want…

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    Pho the Love

    I had a lapse.  A Pho lapse. It will never happen again. What is Pho? I call it magic. It’s a Vietnamese soup made with beef or chicken broth, beef or chicken meat, rice noodles, and a blend of spices. …