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You guys, I have so much I want to blog about but so little time and it’s driving me crazy!!


First off, if any of you subscribe via RSS, there were apparently some links to porn that showed up a couple of posts ago. It was supposed to be a super exciting Instagram photo of LA Fitness, I swear! No idea how that happened and I’m so sorry. Many thanks to Carla who I recently met at Indulge for letting me know, nothing like accidental porn to kick off a new friendship!  I’ve embedded some Instagram photos in this post as well to test it out and see if it happens again, so let me know if you see anything weird!


Speaking of indulging, it’s no secret that one of the best places for donuts in Portland is Pip’s Original, and on Sunday night I found out that another gal and I won A FREE YEAR OF DONUTS!!

Pip’s partnered with PortlandNW.com and Rusty Rodas (<– handsomest golden ever!) for a giveaway on Instagram, and now I get a free dozen each month for the next 12 months.  I’m so excited to binge on those little donut babies! Then my belly will look like I’m pregnant with a little donut baby. #worthit.

The always classy Pip’s is also donating $200 in each of our names to Northwest Animal Companions of Oregon, a non-profit (and as far as I know, no-kill) animal rescue serving the local Portland/Vancouver metro area. Donuts + animals = winning!

We interrupt your feed to bring you this special news update: Rusty: hey ma! Me: yeah buddy? Rusty: let’s announce who won free doughnuts for a year from @pipsoriginal in the giveaway we announced with @Portland! Me: good idea buddy! Rusty: can I get a drumroll or something please? ………… The winners are: @willrunforpasta and @mellyjg82. Me: don’t forget to mention that @pipsoriginal is also generously donating $200 in each of the winners’ names to Northwest Animal Companions of Oregon, a non-profit Animal rescue you volunteer with. Rusty: and they get free doughnuts for a year! Me: yeah pretty sure we already mentioned that. Rusty: well that’s a lot of doughnuts so I’m just saying we should say it again. Right? Me: good call buddy #conversationswithrustyrodas #doughnuts #donuts #whyarethere2rightwaystospelldonuts #communitynotcompetition #pipsrules

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Speaking of animals, you have through this Sunday 6/21 to see a Blutbad and a Zauberbiest on stage together! Grimm stars Silas Weir Mitchell and Sasha Roiz are staring with Lisa Datz in Portland Center Stage’s production of Three Days of Rain.

I saw it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. It’s a rather minimal play in that there are just three actors and one set with two looks (an apartment in Greenwich Village). The first act is set in the 90s with the actors portraying brother/sister/friend, and the second act goes back in time to the 60s with them portraying three of the parents. It was really interesting to watch the kids in the first act as they find a journal one of the parents kept and we get to hear their interpretation of what the entries may have meant based on what they knew of their parents, and then to see the parents in the second act and find out the real meaning behind those entries.

It makes you question what you know of your own parents, why they are the way they are and how they got that way, and if we had kids I’d also be questioning how well they know the real me. It was really fun to see some of my TV favorites in person and in different roles. If you’re looking for a date night idea, be sure to check this out, tickets are still available here, but hurry before they’re gone! One of my favorite news anchors – Reggie Aqui with KGW – did a fun interview with Sasha and Silas here:


Speaking of date night, if you need a special last-minute idea to splurge on, this Thursday The Oregonian is celebrating Diner 2015 with a new interactive dinner series. You can buy tickets here to eat at the winning restaurant in one of three top categories, but the catch is you won’t know which restaurant is the winner until the day of – surprise!!


I didn’t start this post with the “speaking of” idea, it just kind of happened.  Hopefully I wasn’t too obnoxious 😛  I hope you’re having a good week, let’s get together for donuts soon!

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What the Friday! (aka: TV Talk)


Yippee Fri-Yay Mother F… oh shoot, this is a family friendly blog.  Might have to rethink that.

Happy Friday!!  And a bunch of thanks to those who commented/emailed/texted/hugged in response to my last post, it meant a lot!  Getting if off my chest here and also finally admitting it to Mr. Won’t Run has helped and it feels like a weight has been lifted.  I still have a ways to go but admitting it is the first (and hardest) step to climbing out of it.  Admitting to yourself, and others, that you’re in the depths of it is hard to do, even with those closest to you.  It’s not easy to explain, and it’s hard for people to really understand unless they’ve been through it themselves.  When they ask how they can help it’s hard to come up with an answer and that can be frustrating for both parties.  There are no good answers, but Mr. Won’t Run and I are formulating a plan to help me out of the hole, and he firmly believes “happy wife = happy life” :)

Happy wife will be in full swing tonight because we’re going to see Three Days of Rain and I am super excited!  Portland Center Stage puts on great productions, and their latest one stars two of the actors from the NBC television show Grimm!  I love the show and I love that the actors love Portland so much that they wanted to be part of a local production. #sashaandsilasshow  The Gerding Theater is a good sized theater but small enough to still feel intimate and everyone gets a great view so it’ll be a treat to see some TV favorites on the stage in person.  Throw in dinner beforehand with my man and that’s a great date night!

Three Days of Rain
(Photo by: Patrick Weishampel/www.blankeye.tv)

In other TV news…

I was thrilled to hear about the Jem and the Holograms moving being made, until I saw the trailer that came out last week.  This article, with a tweet from William Shatner, nails my thoughts on it!  The producer has said we should reserve judgement and that we’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I don’t have high hopes.

I freely admit that I watch too much TV, so much that at certain times of the year I’ll obsessively be Googling to see what shows are getting cancelled or renewed, and what new show pilots are premiering.  During a recent obsessive Google session, I found out that Forever has been cancelled and it makes me hate the world.  Why were more people not watching this show???  Yes, it was a cop drama and 90% of shows on TV are, but this one had just the right mix of a mysterious sci-fi background story, great chemistry between the lead characters with little glimpses of the romance that could be, and a quirky sidekick.  It was a familiar setup but still felt new and original which is hard to come by these days.  And if none of that intrigues you, then these two words are all it should have taken: IOAN GRUFFUDD.


How sad is this letter from him regarding the cancellation?  Makes me love him and the show even more!  I care so much that I actually signed a couple of petitions linked here to save it.  Who knows if it’ll work, but there are rumors that another network could pick it up or maybe it’ll get saved by Hulu (like The Mindy Project) or Netflix (like Longmire), but other networks won’t know it needs saving unless fans show an interest!

Speaking of Hulu and Netflix, since we have accounts with them we’re considering getting rid of cable and just using our Amazon Fire TV thingy to watch all the streaming stuff.  There are so many new shows that are exclusive to those networks (channels? streamers? what are we calling them?) that look good too!  Seems like a cheaper deal overall compared to cable.  Anyone else doing that?  Pros/Cons?

Any other Forever fans out there?  Are you mourning the loss of any shows like I am?  Please admit it so I know I’m not alone!

Going through the big D and don’t mean Dallas. Or Divorce. It’s the other D.



This post is basically a brain dump and it might get a little whiney so I won’t be offended if you want to skip it.  I need a place to get out what I’m feeling and that’s the whole reason most blogs started way-back-when, right?

The gist is that I’m sick of myself.  I know most of this is depression related as I’ve been going through a season of that lately, but I’ve been around this block enough times to know what to do to help myself and I’m just not doing it.  Admittedly, that’s part of the struggle with depression.  You know that getting out of the house and doing something with friends or going for a run will be good for you, but the last thing you want to do is shower and put on makeup and leave the house, in fact, the mere thought of it makes you want to cry, or makes you actually cry.

I’m not to the point of tears yet, but I have definitely been letting myself wallow in it which is easy to do when your significant other has a job that keeps him busy.  Not that any of my issues are his fault, I’m not saying that at all, my issues have nothing to do with him, it’s just easier to lose myself when I’m alone with no one watching, you know?  We don’t have kids so it’s not like I have to keep it together for a child, it’s just Kokopuffer and she’s pretty content cuddling on the couch. #enabler


Depression also makes me apathetic.  Don’t worry, it has thankfully never affected me with suicidal thoughts of any kind whatsoever, it’s just that nothing seems to really matter.  If I ever disappear from Instagram for a couple weeks you can bet I’m struggling with depression because I’m thinking “what the F does it matter”.  Who cares what meal we ate last night or what bouquet of flowers I bought or what my new shoes look like.  It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of life so what difference does it make, you know?  I basically just don’t give a shit.  Not exercising… so what.  Eating crap food… so what.  Skipping makeup and pulling my hair up in a jaw clip or hat instead of actually doing it… so what. (<– sorry to my coworkers and husband for that one!)

At least I am aware when this is happening, I do recognize the signs, this time around has just been harder to shake off.  Not that you can just shake off depression, it’s not a matter of just choosing to be happy.  That may play a role, thinking about and doing things that bring you joy is good, but it’s not usually that simple.

My depression exploded onto the scene my last year of college, although reading back through my journals I can see that it had slowly been building since my freshman year.  I was in counseling and on medication for a while but was eventually able to go off of both (although I think counseling would be beneficial for pretty much everyone).  I am the type who doesn’t like to take drugs if I don’t have to and would rather find natural ways to treat a problem first.  From past experience I know that exercise can help, and from a really recent experience with Whole30 I know that clean eating can help.  SO WHY AM I NOT DOING THOSE THINGS???  Like I said above, it’s not easy to get yourself out of it when you’re in it, so I’m hoping that purging it all here will be a counseling session of sorts, and if anyone is actually reading this nonsense you can feel free to yell at me too.  Or knock me upside the head a la Gibbs.  Whatever works.


The depression also appears to be adding to my stress which adds to the depression which adds to the stress which adds to the… you get it, it’s a never-ending cycle which is terrible for me physically.  I hold stress in my shoulders and it also comes out in grinding my teeth at night and clenching my jaw which has resulted in some great TMJ issues and causes really awesome headaches.  The last few weeks my neck decided to join the party and got totally wasted.  So embarrassing.

So, I’m back to seeing a Chiropractor which has provided some relief already which has been great, although it’s not covered by insurance which hasn’t been so great.  I’m seeing her again twice this week which I’m hoping will get things back to a manageable situation.  I also found out that a yoga class I thought was gone is actually still around so I might go back to that since stretching seriously helps, and there’s a new gym that opened nearby that Mr. Won’t Run and I will hopefully check out soon.  We both want/need to get back to working out and ideally we’d be able to go together early in the mornings.  This is ideal in theory but I am not a morning person at all, made even worse by the depression so it will be a struggle, but I know it’s what my body needs, and from doing Whole30 I know that clean eating helps me sleep better which in turn makes mornings easier, so we’ve gotta clean up our diet again!

Okay, I think that’s all my word vomit for now, thanks to anyone who is still reading.  Like I said at the beginning, I just needed a brain dump and to get this all out.  I’m not looking for sympathy or pity, I’m not worried about grammar or SEO, this was just for me to call myself out on some stuff and put it all out there.  Mental health issues should be talked about, and maybe this will help someone who is feeling the same way know that they’re not alone.  Or maybe it’ll just introduce you to my crazy, ha!


The Nose Knows – Cyrano at Portland Center Stage


Portland Center Stage was kind enough to offer me two complimentary press tickets to see their new show Cyrano and I gladly accepted.  Mr. Won’t Run and I love the theater!  Sadly, at the last minute he couldn’t go with me, but I wasn’t going to let not having a date stop me so I ventured out on my own and I’m so glad I did, I thought the show was wonderful!

Cyrano Poster

The only association I have with Cyrano de Bergerac is the 1987 movie Roxanne with Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah.  I was almost 9 years old when that came out and I don’t even remember when or where I saw it, but that vague memory of Steve Martin with a big nose, offering his poetic words to someone with a smaller nose, all for a girl, was the gist of what I remembered.  I went into the show not knowing the full story, and while the ending may have beautifully broken my heart a bit, the lead up to it was filled with singing, swordplay, and shenanigans.  Everything you could ask for in a show, right?!

Cyrano Singing

I thought the cast (all from Portland and Seattle) did an amazing job and I was totally swept away into the story.  The funny, sweet, tragic story.  I don’t want to give it all away if you’re not familiar, or only partially familiar like I was, so I won’t tell you more except that I absolutely recommend it!

Did you know Cyrano was a real person in the 1600s?  Apparently he really was known for his words, his dueling, and his nose!  Even Roxane, his distant cousin, was a real person, although the romance was invented by French playwright Edmond Rostand.  Cyrano de Bergerac was his fourth, and most celebrated, play which debuted in 1879 in Paris.

Cyrano Swordplay

I thought this translation was beautifully done and it made me long for a time when words meant so much.  Now it’s all LOL, IDK, BTW, CUL8R… about as far from poetic as you can get.  I think that’s why I like Downton Abbey so much too.  Words (and full on sentences) can be darn sexy, don’t you think?

Cyrano Shenanigans

The 2015 version put on by Portland Center stage is a new adaptation by Michael Hollinger and Aaron Posner.  They stay true to the original story but update it with some modern prose.  About the translation, Hollinger has stated “language that is alive, that wakes the ear up, is more important to me than strict adherence to poetic form.”

Language that wakes the ear up…  yes, more of that please!


Wanna wake up your own ears?  You have through May 3rd to see the show!

Grab your tickets here, and if you need a date I’ll go with you!

Want to read another Cyrano review?  Check out what fellow Portland Blogger Pechluck had to say!

Pssssst!  Hey GRIMM fans, check out what’s opening May 22nd: Three Days of Rain starring Silas Weir Mitchell and Sasha Roiz!!!!  OMG!  I mean… be still my beating heart, I am breathless with sweet anticipation.  Seriously though.  Seriously.  Who’s going with me?

Spring 2015 – A Bucket List


{image via Etsy – The Bannerie}

How great is this SUCK IT MONDAY glitter batter from The Bannerie?!  I love it and she has a ton of other fun ones, you can check her out on Etsy here.

Now to the point of this post:

Do you ever feel like you’ve gotten in a rut and have stopped living life?

Get up, go to work, come home, walk the dog, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed…

… repeat… repeat… repeat… infinity

That’s how I’ve been feeling lately, like I’m living to work instead of working to live, and that’s no fun at all!  It’s pretty soul-sucking, actually.  In an effort to remind myself to get out there and experience life, I’m putting together a Spring bucket list!  My last bucket list didn’t go so well, but maybe if I break it down by season it’ll be more manageable and realistic and feel inspiring instead of overwhelming.

Apparently the first day of Spring was March 20th so I’m a little behind, but I figure I can still get some good stuff in between now and the start of Summer.  I can already cross off most of #1 because we did it this weekend and as soon as I pair down the 220 photos I took I’ll write up a post about it.

Here we go…

Spring 2015: March 20 – June 19

  1. Long Beach, WA – stay at Adrift Hotel, eat at [pickled fish], check out Cape Disappointment State Park and the North Head Lighthouse.  DONE!
  2. Tulip Fest 2015 at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, OR – going on through May 3rd.
  3. Take the Oregon Olive Mill tour at Red Ridge Farms.
  4. Take Archery lessons!  Mr. Won’t Run and I both think this would be fun, gotta prepare for the apocalypse, you know.  I’ve found info from Trackers Earth, Archers Afield, and PDX Archery, but please let me know if you’ve got a lead on a good place!
  5. Do some hiking at Smith Rock State Park before it gets too sweltering hot in the Summer.  Mr. Won’t Run believes there’s no reason to go there unless you plan to climb, but since I’ve only done an indoor rock wall or two (and that was years ago), I’m a little nervous to jump into the real thing, but I do think it would be fun if I got into it (and he got back into it) and we could do it together.  If you know of any good places out there for lessons, let me know!  Smith Rock Climbing School?
  6. Cross off at least one of these 5 Under The Radar Waterfalls in Oregon.

I think that’s a good start, don’t you?

What’s on your Spring to-do list this year?

What the Friday!


(iPhone image by me on a rare morning out of the office vising a jobsite for work, lovely view of the Fremont Bridge.)

You guys!  Spring is springing!!!  It was sunny and 73 yesterday, and today is supposed to be sunny and 68 with the weekend looking pretty amazing as well.  These are the days most of us Oregonians live for.  I’m loving it and am hoping to get out and soak up the Vitamin D this weekend!

Let’s see, what else happened this week…

Did you hear that Downton Abbey is ending with Season 6?  Noooooooooooooooooooo!  I love that show and just recently got caught up so it’s all fresh in my head and now I hear it’s ending, but there are rumors of a movie or spinoff which would be fun.  Why do all the good ones end too soon?!!  Visiting Highclere Castle is definitely on my vacation wishlist, and you can even stay on the property at London Lodge, although I’d guess it’s booked up through 2045, ha!  I also just discovered that Lady Carnarvon has a blog!!  I subscribed to that in a hot second.  Anyone else think Grantham might show up on lists of baby boy names in the next few years?

Speaking of TV, in the summer of 2012 I developed a major girl crush on Sutton Foster during Bunheads (an Amy Sherman-Palladino gem that also ended way too soon), and she’s in a new series that starts on Tuesday: Younger.  It looks pretty cute and I can’t wait to watch it, even though she won’t be doing any singing and dancing on this show which is basically blasphemy!  I’d love to see her in person doing her Broadway thing someday.

My co-worker’s daughter came into the office this week wearing the cutest pair of sandals that were Birkenstock!  Birkenstocks have never really been on my radar, some people wore them in high school but I was more of the penny-loafer type… with actual pennies in them.  Preppy much?  People who wear Birkenstocks love them though so there must be something to it, right?  This is the Mayari in Toffee and I totally want them!  I think it’s because the crisscross over the toe reminds me of some other sandals I had for about ten years before they fell to pieces and I’ve never found another pair like them.  These aren’t the same at all, but they remind me of my long lost sandal love.


I’m also loving this video about the Vinyasa Scarf *Rulu from lululemon, it can be worn 10 different ways and the gal who demonstrates it is adorable and I totally want to be her friend.  It’s an interesting scarf concept, although $48 is a little steep for my bargain budget, but if you figure it’s $4.80 per wearable option it might be easier to justify.

And last but not least on this awesome Friday, you should check out this great post from Kristen at Dine and Dish – What I Learned about Happiness on a Princess Cruise.  Admittedly, finding happiness aboard a cruise ship is easier than other places, haha, but I really enjoyed her post and felt like all 8 tips applied to me where I’m at right now.  I’ve been struggling through a bout of depression (thanks Oregon winter) and this was a great reminder of ways to help myself break out of it.  Not that everyone can just choose to snap out of depression, but there are certainly things we can do to help ourselves and if you need a place to start you should definitely read that post!

Weekend plans:  Not sure but I know I need to get out in the sunshine!

What are you up to?  Seriously, I want to know, I have no life so I need ideas. ♥ ♥ ♥