Well Hello There


A long time ago, we used to be friends, but I …(pause)… haven’t though of you lately at all.

Come on now, sugar, bring it on, bring it on, yeah.


Have you seen the new season of Veronica Mars?  I like the new intro song, but it’s a dandy shame they didn’t include the “come on now, sugar” part, that was the best part!  I have very mixed feelings about the new season, and that character who had that thing happen to them at the very end, I think that could have been handled better.  The character and the actor deserved better, but ultimately I still love Veronica and I’ll continue to watch if they make more.

Oh, so we’re just going to ignore the fact that I haven’t posted anything in exactly 53 months? Yep.

Street of Dreams

We went to Street of Dreams yesterday and both agreed that house #5, the “Farm to Table” by Renaissance Homes, was by far our favorite – seriously, check out that link with the pics and floorplan!  There are some things I’d change about it, I mean, a juice bar?  Sure, that’s cute, but I just can’t imagine it being used enough to justify the square footage it takes up, you know?  If you had a home business that involved cooking or baking and you wanted a designated space, then sure, a small kitchen off the main kitchen might be helpful, but otherwise, it’s not for me.  That’s why we passed on it, otherwise we totally would have put in an offer.  I mean, it was only $1.8 million.

Fifty. Three. Months.  That’s, like, almost two and a half YEARS.  But we’re not talking about it.


Speaking of money, if spreadsheets are your love language and you’re working your way out of debt (it me), I found a fun, and free, ”snowball” spreadsheet from Perfection Hangover.  You input all your balances and interest rates and monthly payments and it lays out the whole snowball payoff schedule.  It’s so fun, I just want to stare at it all day.  And if I’m staring, I’m not spending, which is good.  Yes, I know some say the “avalanche” payment method is better, but I’ve run the numbers and for my situation it would only get things paid off one month earlier, and I know the early wins of getting the lower balances paid off first will help me stay motivated.  If you want to run your numbers, NerdWallet has a calculator and you can compare snowball vs avalanche, as well as seeing the difference it makes depending on how much extra you can throw at it.  Debt sucks.

Why aren’t we talking about the ten year blog absence?  I don’t know… I was basically struggling with depression and that’s not a fun blog topic.


You know what else sucks?  Dieting.  I read The F*ck It Diet and am now anti-diet.  I eat what I want, when I want, and I don’t feel any guilt or shame about it.  Mostly.  It was a very mind-blowing, eye-opening read about diet CULTure and I’m kinda pissed off about it.  The Kindle version is only $2.99 right now.  I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this.  Next up, I’ll be reading the original f*ck it diet book, Intuitive Eating.

But it’s a topic that probably should be blogged about.  And I missed writing, so I’m jumping back in.  For me.  But if you want to read too that’s okay.

I’m turning 41 next week and really liked this list of 40 Things I Have Learned In 40 Years.

I can’t guarantee it’ll be anything interesting, probably just random life stuff, but sometimes that’s the best stuff.



Starbucks Spring Cups photographed on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.  (Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

Well, hello there!  Posting about shampoo the other day sparked the blogging bug so I thought I’d pop back in with a WTF! post and catch you up on life lately.

Not much is happening.

The End.

Starbucks Spring Cups photographed on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.  (Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

(Image Credit: Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

I guess that’s not true.  Sure, nothing knock-your-socks-off exciting is happening, but things are going on:

  • STARBUCKS HAS SPRING CUPS!!  Have you seen them?  They’re so cute, except I hate getting the blank one because I can’t think of anything cute to draw.  Why have they not done this sooner?  They know we go crazy for their cups, they should have hopped on this ages ago!
  • I’m still at my part-time job, working the front desk at a local massage studio.  It’ll be a year next month and I’m still feeling like it’s the right thing for right now, and the massage perks are pretty nice!
  • I’ve been working out pretty regularly since the first of the year and am pleasantly surprised that I’m still sticking with it.  Thanks to my friend Jen who is a Beachbody Coach, I tried out the 21 Day Fix workout and I’m loving it!  I’ve tried a few other things here and there but I keep coming back to 21 Day Fix.  It’s fun to see how I progress at different moves, and I recently upped my “heavy” weights to 5lbs (haha!) so I’m pushing myself, but also still modifying some moves.  I’m just taking it at my own pace and only focusing on competing with myself one workout at a time.
  • I’m doing another round of Whole30 in April and just joined some friends in a support group on Facebook.  I’ve been wanting to do another Whole30 ever since we did one back in January 2015, but I’ve never been able to complete another one.  It’s actually a pretty common phenomenon, and additional Whole30s can be more difficult for a variety of reasons.  I also skipped the reintroduction phase of our first one, and THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF DOING IT!  I really should have extended it to a Whole45 or Whole60 because my sugar dragon was still very much alive.  On day 30 I was still thinking about donuts and on Day 31 I was shoving maple bars into my donut hole and it was all downhill (and sugary deliciousness) from there.  So I did all that detoxing and got myself off the biggest trigger foods and to a good baseline, only to throw it all away and not even figure out what foods might be causing me issues.  Well, obviously sugar, but that was no secret, ha!  So I’ve got two weeks to plan and prep and pep-talk, and I’m really looking forward to the support and new friends on this Facebook group.  I’m planning to do more detailed journaling this time around as well so look for blog updates too!
  • Very excited to see Beauty and The Beast (hopefully soon!!), but even more excited for The Little Mermaid that’s coming, and I got exponentially more excited when I found out that Lin-Manuel Miranda was working on the music for it!! #littlemermaidforever
  • I have a goal to read 52 books this year and I was running way ahead of schedule but have slowed down recently.  I’m currently at 12 though so I’m doing pretty good.  A more detailed post is coming soon about the books I’ve read so far.  Find me on Goodreads!

And that’s honestly all I can think of right now.  We are so boring and low-key!

Now tell me…

What workouts are you into?  Have you done a Whole30?  What books are you LOVING?

Truths We Have Forgotten


I heard something the other day that literally stopped me in my tracks.  Like, *literally*, literally.

I was walking Koko while listening to a podcast and the words I was hearing made me stop walking!  It was like I had to stand still because if I moved I might miss some of it, like my brain wouldn’t be able to handle walking and absorbing words at the same time.

It was one of those moments where something hits you so deep inside that you kind of can’t breath, and you’re a little shocked at how deeply affected you are, but at the same time it sort of makes sense.  It’s not even the first time you’ve heard some of these words, they’ve been in your head for a while in various iterations, but for some reason… this time… it feels like the words are etching themselves on your heart and you can physically feel it.  It kinda hurts, but in a good way.  The kind of hurt like after a workout where you know you’re building muscle, but in this case the muscle is your heart… and maybe it’s healing… but maybe you didn’t realize it was broken… but you wonder how you couldn’t have known because you’re certainly feeling something right now.

Anyone else ever had that happen?  No?  Just me?  Okay.

The words came from Christine Hassler in a new-to-me podcast called ‘Over it and on with it’.  Christine was a very young and very successful Hollywood Agent (she kissed George Clooney one New Year’s Eve), but at age 25 she walked away to figure out what she really wanted.  Christine is now a professional speaker and author, traveling the country leading seminars and workshops.  She is a Life Coach who counsels her clients through questions like “Who Am I, What do I want, and How do I get it?”  You know, simple and easy questions like that.  Her podcast episodes are actually live coaching/counseling sessions which have been so interesting, but the first episode where she tells her own story is what really got me.  After sharing her story, she leaves you with this message…

(Yes, I had to sit down after the walk and transcribe it.  I don’t want to forget.)



When you were born you were aware of these truths:

You are whole and complete.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

You are worthy and deserving.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

You can trust the universe.

All there is and all that matters is love.

You ARE love.

And then… you got older.

And things happened.

And you started to forget the truth.

You started moving out of the awareness of love and into fear, doubt, and judgment.

Someone told you that you did something wrong and you started to believe that something was wrong with you.

Someone in your life left, or wasn’t really there for you, and you began to question whether or not you’re lovable.

You saw or heard people yelling at each other and you got scared, you got yelled at for something you said and you decided it was better to stop speaking your truth.

You got hurt or saw someone get hurt and you stopped trusting.

Your heart got broken so you thought it’d be safer to build walls around it.

You began to doubt love.

People called you a mean name and you believed them, and now you call yourself that.

People said your dreams are impossible and you believed them, and now you don’t dream anymore.

You got left out.

You felt isolated or separate, now you feel like you’re living on the sidelines of life because you mistakenly believe that that’s where you belong.

You experience rejection, now you’re afraid to go after what you want.

You began to believe that you’re alone and you have to do it all on your own.

Perhaps you’ve even concluded that asking for help is weak.

Maybe you didn’t do as well as something you wanted and judged yourself as a failure.

Some label or diagnosis got thrown on you and you started to confuse it for who you are.

You looked at other people and thought they were smarter, more attractive, and better in some way, and now you work hard to make yourself more like others.

Not only did you stop liking you, you stopped being you.

You got disappointed and stopped believing in magic and miracles.

Life felt unfair and you questioned God.

You began to look to the outside world for validation and forgot that your worth has nothing to do with what you do, what you have, or who you’re with.

As time has gone on you’ve gotten farther and farther from the truth, and you know it.

You feel an inner call to stop believing the lies.

There’s a sense of urgency emerging.

It is time to start remembering the truth, and here it is:

You didn’t do anything wrong.

You are not broken.

There is nothing you need to do or be in order to be loved.

You are safe.

It is safe to trust.

You are not alone.

There is no one any better or worse than you.

You are uniquely you, and you are absolutely perfect at being you.

You belong, you are worthy, and deserving.

You are not what you have been labeled as.

People were mean to you because they didn’t know any better.

People leaving or not being there for you had nothing to do with you.

It is not weak to ask for help.

Support is available to you.

You are not alone and you’ve never been.

It’s impossible for your heart to truly break.  It is unbreakable and full of unconditional love and compassion.

Everything in your life that you’ve experienced is for your learning and growth.

Stop asking “why did this happen” and start asking “what can I learn from what’s happened”.

Trust that all those times you didn’t get what you wanted, you got what you truly needed.

I am sorry that the people you wanted to hear “I am sorry” from did not say it to you.

You can forgive even what you think is unforgivable.

Forgiveness is not about condoning what happened, it’s about your freedom.

As soon as you truly accept yourself, your feel of rejection will vaporize.

You have never really failed, you’ve always done the best you could.


The universe is for you.

Are you for you?

You don’t need to learn how to love yourself, you already know.

Love is your essence.

You’ve just forgotten that truth.

Activate your memory by reducing the time and energy you spend on thoughts and actions that reinforce your forgetfulness.

Stop expecting anything or anyone else to do it for you.

There is nothing you have to find, simply recognize what is already there.

Your purpose in life is not to do something grand or achieve some goal.

Your purpose in life is to return to where you began:



Gut punch to the heart, right?  I wanted to share because I know I’m not the only one that needs to hear these words and remember these truths.  Hopefully they helped you remember too.


PS – Here’s the podcast episode if you want to listen, the stuff above starts at the 31:31 mark, but her story is really interesting so I’d suggest listening to the whole thing :)

PPS – Her book, Expectation Hangover, is only .99cents on Amazon (Kindle) right now, through 9/26 I think.


What the Friday!


So… it’s been a while since my last post, and obviously my February blogging challenge went nowhere.  I made it through the first four days of February before it all went to heck.  I’ll spare you the details and just hit the highlights…

  • sudden onset sore throat
  • terrible sinus thing that lasted two weeks (had to cross state lines for some real Sudafed)
  • few days of lady cramps
  • depression
  • depression
  • starting to feel normal
  • depression
  • depression

And now here we are, the middle of March, and feeling mostly normal.

What have you guys been up to?  Besides what’s listed above, here’s what I’ve been doing:


I added Starz to our Amazon Prime Video account for the sole purpose of watching Outlander.  Totally worth it, ye ken?

Screen Printer

I met with a screen printing company in Portland about getting some shirts made and I really liked the place.  Stay tuned for more info on that, putting some big business plans in motion!

stupid f***ing bird


I had a lady date with an old co-worker friend to see Stupid F***ing Bird at Portland Center Stage.  We started with dinner at Grassa (I had the carbonara which was amazing), then dessert at Cacao (my friend had never heard of drinking chocolate so we rectified that immediately), and then it was off to the show.  We had to laugh when we read the program since it appeared the play would touch on the things we had just been discussing – taken from the ‘From the Director’ section:

“… the story resonates because the theme is nearly universal – the clash between the dreams of our youth and the sharp realities of our adult lives.”

I’m never really sure if I *get* the message of some plays, I usually just know if I was entertained or not, but I’m not big on having to search for deeper, underlying meanings.  Does that make me a bad theater patron?  A superficial one?  I went into this one knowing nothing about it, or about the classic that is was loosely translated/adapted from (Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull from 1895), but we both really enjoyed it, and it was hilarious!  They also broke the 4th wall and spoke directly to the audience at some points which I love.  One of the gals, Kimberly Gilbert who plays Mash, does some singing while playing a ukulele and while it’s a funny song she does have a beautiful voice.  She also reminded me a bit of Tina Fey, not sure if it was the dark hair, certain voice inflections or body movements, but there was something.  The entire cast was great.  I’m always amazed at the amount of dialogue these actors have to learn, and I always end up wishing I’d been brave enough to audition for shows in high school.

If you’re local, the show is playing through March 27th.  You can get tickets here, see more pictures here, and read more reviews here.

Photo credit: Patrick Weishampel/blankeye.tvPictured (l-r): Katie deBuys as Nina, Cody Nickell as Doyle Trigorin, Kate Eastwood Norris as Emma Arkadina, Charles Leggett as Eugene Sorn, Darius Pierce as Dev and Kimberly Gilbert as Mash in “Stupid F***ing Bird” at Portland Center Stage.

rms at blush

I met Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty.  I try to use more natural/organic/non-toxic products on my face and have been following her on IG for a while, so when I saw that she was going to be at Blush Beauty Bar in Portland helping out with some mini makeovers I knew I had to go.  It was so much fun and she is just as nice in person as I had imagined!

RMS Makeup

brunch book club

Macey came over from Idaho so we had an impromptu Brunch Book Club get together.  It involved brunch, of course, this time at the new Besaw’s location.  As expected, it was delicious (I had the cider braised oatmeal – with carmelized apples, LEMON CURD, local honey, and walnuts), and they passed the Bloody Mary test too.  We talked briefly about the book, The Good Girl, but we were meeting up before the deadline so only two of us had read it so far.  I liked it right up until the end and then I was super annoyed.  Have you read it?  What did you think?  For me, it was that the character’s actions did not mesh with how I felt about them based on earlier descriptions of them in the book, if that makes sense?  Let me know if you’ve read it!


vine gogh

Macey couldn’t join us that night for painting at Vine Gogh, but Yvonne, Lindsay, and I had a bunch of fun painting a happy panda!  Not sure I have a future in animal portraiture, but I had a blast and can’t wait to do it again.  Mr. Won’t Run says he’d totally pay money for this, he’s such a good husband.



Ugh, and then there’s the latest news about Instagram starting to implement algorithms like Facebook.  I guess it was only a matter of time since FB owns IG now, but why do they have to ruin it???  Why do they think they’re smarter than we are in knowing what we’ll like?  I’m already not that impressed with the way they curate the “Explore Posts” section, so why the heck would I want them messing with my feed.  If people are missing posts it’s because they follow too many people, and that’s the whole point of turning on Post Notifications!

Here’s the official announcement from Instagram: See the Moments You Care About First (and my thoughts in angry purple)

You may be surprised to learn that people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds. (then they follow too many people to keep up and that’s their choice) As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most. (if I really care then I turn on post notifications because THAT’S WHAT IT’S THERE FOR)

To improve your experience (my experience is just fine thank you), your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most. (I can assure you, the moments you believe I care about and the moments I actually care about will be two different things.  It’s why I’m rarely on FB, you F’d it up because you think you know me but ya don’t, I kind of think you only know your bottom line)

The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post. (seems self-explanatory, but if I’m following someone it’s because I’M INTERESTED IN THEIR CONTENT) As we begin, we’re focusing on optimizing the order — all the posts will still be there, just in a different order. (here’s an optimized order: THE ORDER THEY WERE POSTED)

If your favorite musician shares a video from last night’s concert, it will be waiting for you when you wake up, no matter how many accounts you follow or what time zone you live in. And when your best friend posts a photo of her new puppy, you won’t miss it. (then just put it in Trending or Explore Posts, if I really care I’ll seek it out or turn on post notifications)

We’re going to take time to get this right and listen to your feedback along the way. You’ll see this new experience in the coming months. (taptaptap, is this thing on)

There is a Change.org petition you can sign, and some are planning to boycott by not using IG today, 3/18, to show them what a drop in usage might look like.  Not sure either will work but we might as well try.  I’m hoping they listen to the feedback and don’t do this (I doubt there’s any chance of that since I’m betting there is money in it for them), or at least give people the option to opt-out.  We’ll see.

Who wants to design a new app with me that can replace IG when it goes to heck?  Anyone?  Let’s get on it and promise to never sell it to Zuckerberg.

your turn

Any fun weekend plans?


What the Friday!


Welcome to What The Friday! where I share things that made me say WTF this week.  In a good way.

Gilmore Girls!!

Its finally official and Logan will be back!!!  I’m so excited, must start re-watching ASAP!!!!  I also recently discovered Gilmore Guys which is a podcast with two dudes discussing the show and that sounds super fun.  They do episode by episode so I’ll start listening when we start re-watching.
Yes, I said we, Mr. Won’t Run is a fan too.  Of Lauren Graham.

Me Before You

This is a book by Jojo Moyes that I read with my little Brunch Book Club, although I didn’t actually get around to reading it when the club did.  We found out it was being made into a movie (6/3/16) so I finally read it and really liked it.  I had been warned about ugly crying so I was prepared and made it through with no tears, but they just released a trailer that I barely survived!!  I think seeing it in person is going to completely ruin me.  I should just schedule an appointment with a therapist now.

Whole 30 dinners

It’s funny, we started a round of Whole30 in January and were both over. it. by day 7.  We completed it last year and loved it (would recommend it to anyone), we learned a lot about food and how it affects us, but this year I think it just made us think “yeah, we know we should be eating this way most of the time so let’s just do that”.  Now that we’re not officially doing the program I seem to be cooking more Whole30 compliant meals than ever before!  If the term Whole30 scares you, just think of it as whole foods, nothing scary about that.  These two recipes were so tasty and will definitely be on rotation!

First up was the Chicken Chowder from the Whole30 Cookbook.  It calls for broccoli which I wasn’t thrilled about at first, thinking it would just be soggy, but you actually blend that up with the chicken stock and coconut milk and spices before adding chicken and sweet potatoes in, so you get the goodness of broccoli without it being mushy.  I didn’t think the broccoli flavor was strong at all, but if you’re not a fan you could probably try it with cauliflower instead.

020516 (1)

Then it was Vietnamese Lettuce Cups from the NomNomPaleo Cookbook, and you can find that recipe here.  Really easy and so delicious!  Mr. Won’t Run said “yeah, you can make this again, like tomorrow”.  PSA: that chili garlic sauce is good but HOT!

020516 (2)

New recipes I wanna stuff my face with

Dumpling Week – PDX

If you’re local, the Oregonian’s Dumpling Week starts tomorrow!!  From February 6th through February 13th, twelve amazing restaurants, serving up dumplings like you wouldn’t believe.  Print your dumpling passport to collect stickers and enter to win prizes, even though just eating the dumplings is prize enough!  See all the restaurants and their divine dumpling creations listed here – Salt & Straw even has one, a baked salted caramel apple dumpling with double fold vanilla ice cream.  WTF!

What WTF-worthy things did you discover this week?

A Wasted Day


If you want to skip this post I won’t be mad at you.

I’m feeling a little whiney about what I did (or didn’t do) yesterday, and writing about stuff helps me figure things out so this is more of a journal entry than a blog post that offers any useful content to society.  Sometimes those are fun, right?

So, let me back up.  The last six weeks since I quit my job were basically a staycation.  I gave myself some time off without guilt to do or not do whatever I wanted.  Sleep until noon?  Sure!  Stay in pajamas all day?  Absolutely!  Binge through the DVR backlog?  Duh!  But after a while of that I was getting sick of my lump-on-the-couch self, and I found that not having a schedule anymore was harder than expected, it would suddenly be 3pm and I hadn’t done a darn thing all day long.

I decided I’d start real life with a real schedule in February, and while the morning is pretty fixed, the rest of the day is open to change but this is my general idea:

  • 5:30-6:30  Wake up, coffee, make breakfast for Mr. Won’t Run and I.  This started when we did W30 and we really liked starting our mornings off together so I knew I wanted to bring this back.
  • 6:30-8:00  This is flexible… walk Koko, more coffee, check emails, read, watch some news (KGW for the win!), leave at 8 for yoga.
  • 9:45-11:00  Back from yoga, snack, do a little cleaning, organizing, a load of laundry, get showered and ready for the rest of the day.
  • 11:00-12:30  Run any errands I need to like grocery shopping, if no errands than I can blog or read or work on the two online courses I’m taking or research my business idea.
  • 12:30-1:30  Lunch
  • 1:30-4:00  A second block of time where I can blog or read or work on the two online courses I’m taking or research my business idea.
  • 4:00-5:00  Get started on dinner.  This could change depending on the day and what time Mr. Won’t Run will be getting home.

Monday and Tuesday went great!  I stuck to the morning plan but afternoons were a bit scattered while I’m still figuring out what really works for a schedule.  I was still getting stuff done though and feeling accomplished by the end of the day.

Then it was Wednesday.  Mr Won’t Run ended up leaving early for work, before the 5:30 alarm went off, so he was gone when I woke up.  Awesome, I could sleep in, but did I want to?  I honestly sat there in bed for about 7 minutes, staring at the alarm on my phone.  Should I get up?  Should I reset it to 7:30 so I can sleep in but still make it to yoga?  I’m feeling pretty sore though.  Should I just go back to sleep and see what happens?  I went with the last option, figuring that if I really wanted to be up then I wouldn’t fall back asleep, but if I fell back asleep then my body must need it, right?

I woke up at 10:30.

Well, I actually woke up about every half hour between 5:30 and 10:30 so it’s not like I got quality sleep.  And then as I was scrolling Instagram I saw the gorgeous sunrise photos my Portland friends had posted.  There was an amazing hot pink sunrise and I totally missed it.

It took me forever to get going and I felt like I was moving through quicksand all day.  I didn’t do any blogging (wanted to blog every day this month and then missed day 3!!), I didn’t do any pleasure reading, I didn’t even watch any TV.  I basically just walked Koko, lost time on Facebook (sort of like those alien abduction stories where the people lost time), and ventured out to the grocery store around 2pm.  The best thing I did all day was make dinner.  It was delicious, but I want to feel like I’ve done more than that in a day.

Even though I was/am quite disappointed in myself, I think it was a good thing.  It made me realize I want to be up early getting my day started, I always feel better on the days I do.

Jump to this morning… alarm goes off at 5:30, Mr. Won’t Run was already up and he was getting ready to leave so no breakfast.  Kissed him goodbye and then considered getting back in bed.

W . T . F .

Even after feeling crappy about the day before, I was considering doing it again!  What is wrong with me?!!

Apparently my disappointment made me stronger because today I resisted my bad habit of sleeping as long as possible and then some (which feeds my depression), I put my rain jacket on and walked Koko, and put my yoga clothes on and headed to the coffee shop.  They open at 6am.  Maybe this was the fight or flight response, getting as far away as possible from the cozy bed that might kill me?  Haha!

So today I am one of those coffee shop bloggers.  Sitting here drinking my cardamom (carda-yum!!) latte, clicking away on the laptop, in my yoga pants.  Hello white lady stereotype, ha!


I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, but here’s the thing… It’s going to be just as hard to leave my bed tomorrow.  If Mr. Won’t Run leaves early and I have no reason to be up cooking breakfast (as if I’m not reason enough – but that’s a whole other issue), I will again struggle with not climbing back into our cozy, fluffy bed.  I have no doubt there will be days that I give in, but I’m determined to start making better choices and healthier habits that feed my mind, body, and soul.  Right now I know that means getting up at 5:30 and starting the day.  It’s hard to really live this life when you sleep until noon.  I say that from experience, not with judgment.

So… there’s my blog vomit for today.  Maybe you found something helpful in it, even if it’s just knowing you’re not alone with the morning struggle.  Or am I the only one?

Do you have any tricks that help get you out of your cozy bed in the morning?