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    Flush It

    Well, this month hasn’t gone the way I had planned. I started out so gung-ho, ready to OWN the month and accomplish some goals, and I was doing pretty well.  Until the 8th when sinus issues decided to OWN me.…

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    Pho the Love

    I had a lapse.  A Pho lapse. It will never happen again. What is Pho? I call it magic. It’s a Vietnamese soup made with beef or chicken broth, beef or chicken meat, rice noodles, and a blend of spices. …

  • GREEN + NATURAL,  Will Run for Pasta

    A is for {Dirty} Apples

    So, remember when I challenged myself to post every day in March, aka March Madness? And then I only made it to the the 18th.  Yeah, I’m disappointed in myself too. So, I was feeling the need for some re-inspiration…