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Where’s the Doulaing?


Doulaing, you say?  Hmmm, that also sounds vaguely familiar…

You can add this to the list of bandwagons I’ve fallen off of, and hopefully this is the last installment in the impromptu “vaguely familiar” series, haha! (Part 1, Part 2)

Last December, 2013, I thought I had finally found my calling and I signed up for a four day Doula training workshop at Mother Tree (one of THE places to train in Portland).  The workshop seemed to confirm everything I was thinking about becoming a Doula and it felt so right.  Friends and family thought it was perfect for me and I felt like God was opening doors and leading the way, I was so excited!

But then, last Summer, I worked with two clients.  Two amazing clients who trusted me as a student and invited me into their lives for an extremely personal, intimate, and miraculous occasion.  I was honored, and still so excited, but also a bundle of nerves.

(such a cute print – Etsy & Society 6)

I felt absolutely useless at my first client’s birth.  I knew my first would be awkward and I’d get more comfortable the more I did, but I felt so out of place.  It was her third baby so she knew what she was doing, but I didn’t.  I hadn’t met the husband yet, and I was fine with that until the day of the birth, we introduced ourselves and then I was trying to figure out our balance.  If I tried to comfort her would he think I was stepping on his toes, would he think he should have been the one to do it?  I ended up letting him handle things if she was closer to him, and if she was closer to me I’d try, but I was NOT a natural, and that really surprised me.  I do know I’m more quiet and reserved, but I also think I’m empathetic and compassionate and figured I’d be much better at offering comfort and encouragement.  I just hope I didn’t take anything away from their experience by being there in all my awkwardness.

With my second client I was probably too open about my feelings and nerves, I didn’t really have a client filter on my mouth.  She was someone I had started to get to know as a friend beforehand because of other connections, and I think all my sharing-as-a-friend did nothing to promote confidence in my abilities to care for them during their birth.  I should have employed the time-tested method of “fake it till you make it”.

I will forever be grateful to these two clients!  Even though I ultimately decided NOT to continue pursuing the Doula path, it was an extremely clear and easy decision.  Why not?  Well, even with the awkward learning experiences above, the one thing I wasn’t the least bit worried about ended up being the thing I hated most, and there’s no way around it:  being on-call.

As a doula you start being on-call 24/7 when the mother is 38 weeks, and if she goes past her due date, her Doctor may allow her to go until 42 weeks before inducing.  For every client there is a potential of 4 weeks on-call.  In order for me to stay busy enough as a Doula to make it my full-time job, I would have had to take on mom’s with due dates about 3 weeks apart, and with that 4 week potential, it would mean way more on-call time than off.

What exactly did I hate about being on-call?

  • Needed to stay within a 1-2 hour radius of where the mom is planning to give birth, for obvious reasons.  This is negotiable with the mom, but you want to stay close so you can get there ASAP when she needs you.
  • Needed to stay in cell-phone range at all times, again, for obvious reasons.  This can also be negotiated with the mom beforehand.  For example, when I was on call last Summer we were talking about going hiking and I had to tell Mr. Won’t Run that wasn’t an option since I wouldn’t want to risk losing cell service, especially if I got the call at the top of a mountain, then we’d have to hurry back down and speed back into town.  As a Doula you are in very close contact with the mother, if she’s 38 weeks and not showing any labor signs at all then you’re probably good to go if she signs off, it’s not like you’d drive 90 minutes out for an eight mile hike if she was 40 weeks and had lost her mucus plug.
  • The main reason… I slept terrible!  Even though the phone is right next to me at night and I’d check, double-check, and triple-check that the volume was on and it was plugged in and charging, I was sure the one call or text I’d miss would be theirs.  I thought it would be easier with the second client, but it wasn’t, and I can’t live like that.  Mr. Won’t Run will tell you, I neeeeed my sleep.

These reasons really aren’t the end of the world, and I know a lot of people who don’t mind being on-call at all, but it was CLEARLY not for me.  I’m okay with that, but really disappointed since it seemed like all signs were pointing towards being a Doula.  I am still fascinated by all things menstrual/fertility/pregnancy/labor/baby, but I’m not really sure what to do with that.  Placenta Encapsulation?  Infant Massage?  Sonogram Tech?  I don’t know…

So… it’s still the 8-5 grind at my cubicle day job, but it pays the bills and I can’t knock that!

Do you feel like you’re working your calling?

Let’s Talk Doula


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen some posts the last few months about Doula training.  I thought I would talk in more detail about that here on the blog, partly to share information you may find personally useful, partly to talk everything out for my own benefit (blog counseling, if you will), and partly to document the process for my own memories and for those who may be considering this path for themselves and are curious about what it entails.

Depending on how well you know me, there are a few different responses you may have had to the news that I’m training to be a Doula:

  1. A what?
  2. But you don’t even have kids yet…?
  3. That’s amazing, totally perfect for you!

Let’s address those…


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That PNW Shop


Wondering what’s up with That PNW Shop?  Find out here!


April 8, 2016 – Naming The Baby

Got a business idea?  One of the first things you’ll need to figure out is what to name it.

Choosing a name can be very fun, and also very frustrating, but there are important things you can’t do until you have a name.  Things like getting a business license, a DBA, an EIN if you’ll have employees, a business bank account, and of course the fun website and social media stuff.

It seems simple enough, just pick one, but there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a name, and the pressure of picking the right one can be paralyzing.  It’s certainly a big decision, but at some point you just have to pick or you’ll never get the business off the ground. has a great article on this, How to Name Your Business, and explains how sometimes it’s about choosing the least-worst option.  Apparently that’s what happened with Apple, and look how well that turned out!


While brainstorming names I like to have GoDaddy open so I can immediately see if the domain name is available, that way I don’t get my heart set on something and start dreaming up branding ideas only to find out someone else is already using the website address.  I’d rather crush my name dreams as fast as possible and move on!


If I find a name I like and the domain is available, the next thing I check are the top social media platforms to see if it’s available as a username.  Instead of checking each one individually, there is a great tool called namecheckr that will check them all at once, well, most of them.  This actually checks domain availability as well but for some reason I prefer to do that separately, I’m super logical and efficient like that.

Just put in the name and it will come back with a green check mark if it’s available, a red no circle if it’s already being used, and a gray exclamation point in a triangle if there is an error.  The error usually happens when that platform has a character limit to usernames and yours is too long – for example, Twitter has a 15 character limit so if your business name is 20 characters then you’d get the error message and would need to modify your username on that particular platform.

Personally, I like to keep my name the same across all platforms to make it as easy as possible for customers to find me wherever they go, but if you have to modify it’s not the end of the world so don’t stress about it too much.  Name length is just one of the things you’ll want to keep in mind when brainstorming.

Speaking of social media, I am a believer that even if you don’t plan to use a certain platform it’s still a good idea to create an account there.  By doing so you can snag your business name to protect your brand identity, preventing someone else from using it and taking advantage of your popularity.  If that platform grows or if a lot of your customers are there you may decide to use it later on, and at the very least you can use the profile section to let your customers know “hey, thanks for following, come check us out on <insert preferred platform here>”.


I would also suggest you Google the name and see what pops up.  If another company is using a similar name you’ll need to figure out if it’s similar enough that it’s going to confuse customers, especially if it’s in the same industry.  You’re also looking to make sure it’s not a name that has a slang meaning you’re unaware of.  Looking it up on Urban Dictionary might be a good idea, just don’t hang out there too long or you’ll be emotionally scarred for life and need intensive therapy.


Don’t forget to check your state’s business registry to confirm it’s available locally.  It’s a pretty good bet that if the domain and social media are available then nobody else is using it, but you’ll need to check since you’ll be needing to register your business with your state.  If you’re in Oregon you can search here, otherwise just Google your state + business registry search.


It’s also a good idea to check the Trademark Database (TESS) and make sure it’s not trademarked.  If the name is available everywhere else it probably hasn’t been trademarked, but it only takes a second to check.


Thankfully, “That PNW Shop” was one of my first thoughts, and luckily it was available everywhere I needed it to be.  I like it because it’s simple, easy to pronounce, easy to remember, easy to say, easy to spell, and it doesn’t require any clarifications like “That PNW Shoppe but shoppe has two p’s and an e”.  It’s only 11 characters so I knew it would work on those social media platforms with 15 character limits.  It also says exactly what it is… if you hear “That PNW Shop” you’re going to think of a shop that carries stuff from or about the PNW.  Right?  No, seriously, right?  Please tell me that’s what it makes you think of!

The hashtag #thatpnwlife is very popular on social media and I like to think that people into “that pnw life” would shop at That PNW Shop.  Imagining a storefront someday, I also thought it would be fun to say “hey, let’s go to That PNW Shop!”.  It’s almost like you forgot the name of it, you just remember it has the goods from the PNW.

I’ve even got this Abbott and Costello scene in my head (you know A&C, don’t you?  Who’s on First?):

Girl #1 – “Hey, what was that shop with the cool PNW shirts?”
Girl #2 – “That PNW Shop.”
Girl #1 – “Yeah, it had all sorts of stuff from the PNW, remember?”
Girl #2 – “Yeah, That PNW Shop.”
Girl #1 – “Right, the shop with all the PNW stuff, what was it called?”
Girl #2 – “That PNW Shop.”
Girl #1 – “Yes, that PNW shop we went to, what was it called??”
Girl #2 – “That. P. N. W. Shop.”
Girl #1 – “Forget it, you don’t remember either, let’s just go there, okay!”
Girl #2 – “Go to That PNW Shop?”
Girl #1 – “Yes, let’s go to that PNW shop!”


Don’t you wish you were in my brain?  Let me know if you have any questions, although I’ve already picked a name so at this point I’m not taking any criticism, okay?

Kind of like when parents don’t tell you the baby name until the baby arrives.  Makes it harder to say “Rainbowlalaloopsy is a terrible name” when you’re staring at sweet little Rainbowlalaloopsy’s cherub face.

Don’t worry, they call her Loo for short.

I know.

Just go with it.

– – – – – – –

If you do have some feedback on the name I’m open to hearing it :)

– – – – – – –

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April 1, 2016 – Let’s Start A Business

Nope, this is not an April Fools’ joke, I promise!

Back in college I majored in business because I wanted to be a ‘business woman’.  This might date me, but in my head was an image of Diane Keaton in Baby Boom (and shoulder pads).  For some reason though, I thought I wanted to be the boardroom version of her character, when it’s actually the baby food business I wanted.

Looking back it’s easy to see that I have always wanted to own my own business, and I think it has something to do with seeing my Dad own his.  He had an electrician business where I would play secretary and learned the valuable life lesson of how staplers work (put one through my thumb, but only did it once).  He also had a video store and I would hang out in the back watching movies and stocking shelves (remember VHS tapes?).

The business ideas have varied, often based upon where I was in life and my interests at the time – wedding planner, realtor, baby clothing boutique, yoga instructor.  I even tried a few home-based MLM type businesses (PartyLite, ThirtyOne, Demarle) but decided that business model wasn’t right for me.  I started Bella Joy Creations with a friend; we sold jewelry and did the craft fair circuit but ultimately my heart wasn’t in it and I bowed out.  I went through training to be a Doula which felt like 100% the right thing, and then very suddenly and very clearly felt like 100% the wrong thing.  I am thankful the message was clear, but it still threw me for a loop.  While none of those businesses were right, I also know that I made a lot of excuses based on fear and self-doubt which is something I am still working on.

One idea that has always been around is a brick and mortar shop, an actual physical storefront to stock displays and welcome customers.  Sometimes I imagine it’s a coffee+tea shop, sometimes a cafe, sometimes a bookstore, sometimes it’s a combo.  Probably because I have actually worked at a bookstore and a bakery so I’m pulling from what I already know (and I do love books and coffee and tea and baked goods).

I still love those ideas but I’m not sure I would have the passion to pull them off long-term, so the last few years I’ve been thinking a lot about what I *am* passionate about.  Honestly, it’s been a struggle.  I have spoken before on my personal blog about struggling with depression and how it affects me with feelings of apathy.  After so long of feeling mostly nothing, it was hard to see that I was passionate about anything at all.  The more I really thought about it though, and purposefully looked at what kinds of things sparked joy inside of me (including what types of accounts I was following on Instagram), I realized that I really, really, really love the Pacific Northwest.

I lived near Seattle from 3rd-12th grade, then moved to Oregon for college and never left.  I love the green, the trees, the mountains, the ocean, the rain, the four distinct seasons, and there is so much of the area that I haven’t even explored yet.  There are also a lot of great makers and artisans in the PNW turning out some beautiful products.

This is when my brain started to get excited.  I live about 20 minutes outside of Portland and we have absolutely no unique shopping options.  If I wanted to pick up a gift for someone it would be a generic Target or Fred Meyer item they could have bought themselves.  A week later they’d be walking the aisles of Target and see the gift and think “oh, so this is where she got it, and that’s how much she paid”.

Sure, there is great shopping in Portland, but driving into the city, finding parking, doing the shopping, and getting back home could easily take two hours or more.  I’m not always great at planning ahead, so if I wanted to pick something up quick I’m out of luck, but what if there was a store featuring fun, interesting, unique items made in the PNW?  That’s certainly a place I would want to shop, and yes, I know there are similar stores, but again, they’re nowhere near me.  This is how That PNW Shop was born.

The only problem is that I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on leasing a storefront, and just the thought of meeting rent payments gives me anxiety.  I’m bootstrapping this and don’t plan to use debt to finance the business, so we’re going to start slow and online.  I realize that defeats the point of my quick and unique shopping option in town, but I’m thinking I could work out some sort of pick-up/delivery plan for locals.  If you know of any online shops doing that, please let me know so I can chat with them!

I’ll be starting with women’s apparel; t-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts most likely.  I am currently finalizing the designs of the first collection and if goes well I’ll launch a few more apparel collections to build up business and then eventually be able to carry product from those amazing PNW makers I mentioned.  I love the idea of working in a podcast interviewing those makers, and I still think a physical storefront would be a lot of fun someday.

This idea has been in my head for a while, I actually bought the domain almost a year ago.  When I quit my job in December I decided to stop wondering “what if” and just go for it, so here we are.

I am currently planning to launch late Spring / early Summer, and I thought it would be fun to bring you along for the ride.  I plan to blog my way through the process which some may think is too much information, but I know it’s info I would love to read from other businesses, so why not?  It’s hard work getting a business up and running, so I’m going to share the nitty-gritty and you can ask questions and we can get to know each other!  Sound good?  Great!

Stay tuned… the fun, and the hard work, are just beginning.

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Life Lately – Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost



(image via IG: @thatpnwlife)

“Not all those who wander are lost”

We’ve all heard that line before (which is apparently from the poem All That is Gold Does Not Glitter written by J. R. R. Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings), but it was running through my head a while ago and it dawned on me that it could also be flipped:


(Punctuation Sidebar: should there be a comma between lost and wander? Feels like it needs a pause? Thoughts?)

For example, sometimes the lost will stay in the same place for a while, and even though they want something different they have no idea what that something different might be so instead of wandering they stay… and stay… and stay… until it becomes harder to stay than to get up and wander.

Welcome to my life.

I quit my job in December and have no idea what’s next.  I’m scared sh*tless but it had finally become harder to stay than to go.  It was a good job for nine years and I worked with people who had become like family, but the last four years or so have been a struggle.  It’s a company in the HVAC field and my position was to support the salesman in quoting projects and ordering equipment and all the paperwork and file management and customer service that comes with it.  It paid the bills but I can tell you absolutely that I am NOT passionate about boilers.  Couldn’t care less.  At all.  Seriously.

The feeling of wanting something different had become harder to ignore, but I didn’t know what else I wanted to do or what I was passionate about so the hunt for something new wasn’t easy.  For a while I thought the doula thing was my answer but after receiving what I thought was a clear ‘YES’ to pursue that, it became a clear ‘NO’ a few months later and I’m still a little upset about that, but thankful that I tried it and now I know.

Stress over the work (and life fulfillment) situation started manifesting physically more and more over the last few years, and especially this past year with major neck/shoulder tension, TMJ issues, and headaches (and general b*tchiness if we’re being honest).  All of that compounded my up and down struggles with depression; I hadn’t been my usual happy self in a long time and Mr. Won’t Run had been noticing.  I tried to motivate myself with a post-it on the bathroom mirror – “your job is cake. suck it up. it could be worse”.  Inspiring, right?

Then an unexpected gift arrived.

I feel a little funny sharing about it, but we received a very surprising financial gift from some family for our anniversary.  After lots of discussion with Mr. Won’t Run, lots of prayer, and lots of thinking it through to make sure I wasn’t being rash, I gave my notice at work.  We agreed that I should just quit and take some time to figure out what’s next.  I can’t be a stay-at-home-wife forever, I’ll need to bring home some bacon eventually, but thanks to that gift we have a cushion that’s making the one income thing easier to manage for a little while.  I am still in awe of this situation and feel incredibly undeserving.  I’m sure a ton of people are out there like me who are hating their current jobs and feeling like they don’t have a way out and then this falls into our lap.  I promise to make the most of it!

I feel like good things are coming in February and I’ve given myself a blog-every-day challenge for the month.  Hopefully you don’t get sick of me.  I feel like I’m on a journey and it’s equal parts exciting and terrifying.  I’m trying to focus on the exciting.

So, I am now unemployed and free to wander to my heart’s content!

If only I knew where I wanted to wander to.

The view from OHSU {Portland, OR}


I have lived in Oregon for almost 18 years, but today was the first time I have had a reason to go to OHSU.  You can take the aerial tram, which I plan to do someday just for fun, but today I drove myself up the hill.

I used the Maps app on my iPhone and freaked out a little when it started telling me to look for parking because I’d have to walk the rest of the way to my destination.  I ignored the nice Maps lady and kept driving – since, you know, there was a road – and thankfully it spit me out right at Kohler Pavilion where I needed to be.


Why was I at OHSU?  Don’t worry, nothing serious, I was just taking the OHSU Labor and Delivery tour so I’d have the lay of the land when working with doula clients delivering there.  I’ve heard good things about OHSU, but I was really impressed with some of the info I read:

IMG_7936 IMG_7937 IMG_7938

I am so glad to live near a place with some great labor and delivery options that most hospitals aren’t willing or able to provide.  If we do have kids, I would absolutely look at delivering here.

I needed to go up to the 7th floor of the Kohler Pavilion, but I was a little early and when I got on the elevator I saw that there was an atrium on the 9th floor so I decided to check that out.  The 9th floor also happens to be where the aerial tram station is, and the view is pretty nice.  The Mountain wasn’t “out” today (and it would be a little more to the right of this photo), but it’s still a pretty view:


Thanks to this favorite camera apps post from Kevin & Amanda, I had just downloaded 360 Panorama app, and figured this was the perfect place to try it out for the first time.  Just click and drag the image below to the left or the right to rotate the picture.  It’ll be like you were standing exactly where I was, seeing exactly what I saw.  So cool, right?!  What do you think?

[panoembed pano=”4RK2Gj” width=”680″ height=”510″]


You can also click here to see it bigger in its own window which is pretty cool.

How’s that for a random post?  Hospitals and photo apps!

C A T C H . U P .


Do you have a blog?  And a day job?  Do you ever write blog posts in your head while at that day job and then get home and the last thing you want to do is turn on the computer and write that blog post?  No?  Uh, me neither.

So, let’s see, what’s been happening the last nine weeks…


  • I had an amazing dinner at Cocotte for a blogger event thanks to Heather Jones.  I got to hang out with Brandie, Fabi, and Marisa while eating some seriously good food.  I need to take Mr. Won’t Run there for date night sometime, and I suggest you check it out too!

2014-02-25 iphone041914 004 2014-02-25 iphone041914 015 2014-02-25 iphone041914 022 2014-02-25 iphone041914 037 2014-02-25 iphone041914 041 2014-02-25 iphone041914 043 2014-02-25 iphone041914 045 2014-02-25 iphone041914 049 2014-02-25 iphone041914 014


  • I met up with the Ladies Who Brunch to discuss The Snow Child and Little Bee.  While I didn’t love either of those books, I am absolutely loving this fun little book club!  It’s getting me back into reading (and out of my usual YA Vampire genre), I get to eat B R U N C H, and I hang out with people I really like.  WinWinWin.  This meet-up took place at Maurice – “A Modern Pastry Luncheonette bound by old world charm” – and I had the most amazing rosemary currant scone with candied kumquat jam.  They had me at rosemary!

2014-03-01 iphone041914 002 2014-03-01 iphone041914 006 2014-03-01 iphone041914 007 2014-03-01 iphone041914 017 2014-03-01 iphone041914 018 2014-03-01 iphone041914 025 2014-03-01 iphone041914 026 2014-03-01 iphone041914 021

  • Mr. Won’t Run wanted to get lunch at Double Dragon one Sunday afternoon, and it was just as good as last time!  We drove down Division to see what else there was and ended up stopping at Salt & Straw (because ice cream on a cold and rainy day in March makes total sense in Portland).  We walked right by Roman Candle Baking Co. which we still need to try, and it’s right next to Ava Gene’s.  I told Mr. Won’t Run that we should try Ava Gene’s sometime because Portland Monthly voted it the restaurant of the year and it was on all of the top new restaurant lists (Portland Monthly, Willamette Week, Bon Appetit, Eater PDX).

 2014-03-02 iphone041914 004 2014-03-02 iphone041914 014 2014-03-02 iphone041914 016

  • I had my 7 year anniversary at the day job – almost 7 1/2 years if you count the time as a temp – it’s the longest I’ve ever been at one place!  I guess that’s what happens when you’re an adult.  I am very thankful for it, but it’s not my passion, so hopefully the doula career can take over in the next couple of years.
  • 3/6 Apparently Mr. Won’t Run couldn’t get Ava Gene’s out of his head because just four days after we walked by it, we had to go for dinner.  It was a Thursday and the earliest reservation I could get was 9:15pm!  We LOVED all the food, and we sat at the kitchen bar so we got to watch the food being made which was fun!

2014-03-06 iphone041914 009 2014-03-06 iphone041914 014 2014-03-06 iphone041914 016 2014-03-06 iphone041914 017 2014-03-06 iphone041914 018 2014-03-06 iphone041914 021 2014-03-06 iphone041914 022 2014-03-06 iphone041914 026 2014-03-06 iphone041914 031 2014-03-06 iphone041914 033 2014-03-06 iphone041914 034 2014-03-06 iphone041914 035

  • We took an impromptu trip to Cannon Beach for the weekend and stayed at Tolovana Inn which we really enjoyed.  The room was more like an apartment, it had a separate bedroom, full kitchen, and dining/living areas.  We grabbed dinner at Mo’s the first night since it was right next door (and since Tolovana Inn gives you coupons for free chowder and drinks).  The next day we walked around town eating all the things!  We would definitely recommend Tolovana Inn, The Lazy Susan Cafe, Ecola Seafoods, Chocolate Cafe, Cannon Beach Bakery, Cannon Beach Distillery, and Crepe Neptune!  We would NOT recommend Warren House Pub, although that is based only on the lack of customer service – we were never acknowledged by wait staff that walked by multiple times so we left.  I’ve heard the food is pretty good, but I’m not sure how they expect to get new people to try the food if they don’t even acknowledge them.  We’ve both worked in food service and sales so we are extremely critical of customer service!

2014-03-08 iphone041914 007  2014-03-08 iphone041914 015 2014-03-08 iphone041914 020 2014-03-08 iphone041914 083 2014-03-08 iphone041914 082 2014-03-08 iphone041914 089 2014-03-08 iphone041914 091 2014-03-09 iphone041914 001 2014-03-09 iphone041914 025   2014-03-08 iphone041914 026 2014-03-08 iphone041914 0582014-03-08 iphone041914 053

The Veronica Mars Movie premiered on 3/14!  Did you watch the show when it was on?  It was only one for 3 seasons before it was cancelled WAY TOO SOON!!!  The fans have held out hope the last seven years that somehow, someway, Veronica Mars would live again, and thanks to their Kickstarter campaign, we made it happen.  I am proud to say that I donated to get the movie made, and I loved every single second of it.  There is also a book that just came out and it picks up where the movie leaves off.  The genius creator, Rob Thomas, has said that there will be more books, and that any future movies will pick up wherever the books are at, so everything is on the same timeline.  I love how much the Veronica Mars creators and cast are just as in love with it as the fans are.

2014-03-14 iphone041914 002 2014-03-14 iphone041914 006

  • Missed a meeting of Ladies Who Brunch at Meriwether’s because of stupid cramps.  Am I allowed to talk about cramps or is that TMI?  Do people still say TMI?  We had read the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, all about women in today’s business world and how a lot of them are sabotaging their potential success in ways that a man wouldn’t, and they most likely don’t even realize they’re doing it.  I definitely related to a few of the examples, and I would totally recommend the book.

photo 2
Photo from Rachel’s Instagram!

  • Mr. Won’t Run turned 38!  He wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t really celebrate, just picked up some Thai food.  I didn’t even bake him a cake.  I know, I’m an amazing wife, huh?  The thing is, he’s not even a cake fan.  Maybe I’ll make him a belated key lime pie.  You know, now that it’s almost May.


  • Took a quick trip to Tucson to visit family on my Mom’s side.  I was born in Tucson and lived there until I was 8 and still have a lot of family there.  My Mom and Stepdad both work at a school so they get Spring Break and they haven’t been to Tucson in ages so they decided it was time and I joined them for a few days.  I got to meet up with my friend Becky which was great!  She’s been through a lot since the last time we were together and I hated not being close enough to hang out with her so it was great to spend some time together and catch up.  She’s been staying at a farm type of place, and there are a bunch of animals, including A BABY GOAT!  NAMED JOY!!  Cutest thing ever!  If you stop petting her she’ll do what a dog or cat does and paw (hoof?) at you!  When in Arizona… snakes, prickly pear margaritas, and coffee by the pool!

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  • While in Tucson I missed another meeting of Ladies Who Brunch, this time at Tasty & Alder to discuss Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  I still plan to read this book as soon as my library hold comes in, all the ladies loved it, but apparently I’ll need to be prepared with tissues nearby for an ugly cry sesh of grand proportions.  I was so sad to miss Tasty & Alder, it’s been on my to-eat list for forever and everyone seems to love it!

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  • Thankfully there was another Ladies Who Brunch meeting in April that I could make it to, we went to Kern’s Kitchen and discussed Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.  When I say “discussed” in regards to these book club meetings, I mean for about the first five minutes, then we just chat and catch up.  The book might come up again here and there, and while we all enjoy the reading, I think it’s really just an excuse to get together, and I’m totally okay with that!

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Aaaaaaand, I think that brings us current!

See you in another nine weeks.