Living the Co-op Life

Finding a co-op is kind of like dating.  You meet, get to know each other, fall in love, and make a commitment.  It’s the classic love story. I’m kidding, but not totally.  I met Our Table thanks to that food blogger conference a few months ago, I returned once a week or so to get… 

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FALLing for Veggies


It’s finally Fall!  Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, gourds are ripening, and I couldn’t love it more!! Part of the CSA fun is learning what’s in season in the area.  Sure, I can go to the grocery store and buy oranges every day of the year, but if you stop to think about it,… 

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Our Table Members are Potluck Party People


Have you ever looked up the definition of potluck?  I just did, and Google expectedly says “a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish”, but it also says “used in reference to a situation in which one must take a chance that whatever is available will prove to be good… 

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Another week, another CSA!


This week’s haul: – Collard Greens – – Beet Thinnings – – Stocky Red Roasters – – Amarosa potatoes – And from the #OTCgrocery: – Focaccia Pizza – – Lettuce, Tomatoes, Fennel, Sweet Potato, ORANGE Cauliflower – – Pluots – – Eggs – – POP TART – – Chips – – Hand Lotion – –… 

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Our Table in the Field + Joshua McFadden of Ava Gene’s


Farm dinners.  You should definitely do them. I’ve seen many a dreamy photo from farm dinners held in the field with twinkly lights and have always wanted to attend one.  The idea of eating a meal made with veggies grown from the very farm you’re sitting on is as close to farm-to-table as you can… 

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The latest CSA bounty!! Yukon Gold potatoes, Cipollini onions, Stocky Red roasting peppers, Red Leaf lettuce, and cilantro!  I see another giant salad in our near future, as well as a giant roasting pan full of potatoes, onions, and peppers.  I used to think I didn’t like onions, and then I had the roasted!! Picked… 

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What the Friday!


Holy moly, my fantasy could come true!!  For only $150.00 and a 250 word essay, this Vermont country inn could be mine-all-mine!!  Or yours-all-yours! {photo via Deerfield Valley Inn} {photo via} “Vermont should be beautiful this time of the year, all that snow.” (if you don’t know what movie that’s from I may have… 

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